Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ranger Gold Corp. (RNGC on the OTCBB)

Dear reader, 
In the email you just read, I called Ranger Gold the “most explosive gold stock of 2011.
I told you that Ranger is sitting on a blockbuster portfolio of gold properties in the heart of one of the most valuable gold-producing regions on the planet ...
That the area is so jam-packed with massive gold mines, it boasts one of the highest gold production rates per square mile in the world...
And that over 18 million ounces of gold have been discovered within a tight 20 mile radius of the company.
I also showed you how Ranger Gold is next-doorto some of Nevada's richest gold mines ...
How the largest open-pit, heap leach operation in North America --- Barrick’s 10 million ounce Round Mountain Mine --- is a mere 12 miles to the west...
And how the 3-million ounce Northumberland, the 2-million ounce Gold Hill, and the 1-million ounce Manhattan Mine are practically in Ranger’s backyard.
Now, I’m going to share with you the most crucial reason why this stock is on the verge of exploding 8-times over …
Make no mistake: nothing moves a junior gold stock faster than a drill program. When results confirm the presence of gold, the value of a company increases exponentially.
In fact, positive drill results are what sent Aurelian Resources
shares soaring 6,949%
They’re what propelled Ventana Gold up a tremendous 2,247%
And they’re what helped Underworld Resources investors bag a whopping 1,744% profit
Just imagine how your portfolio would look like today had you bought Aurelian, Ventana or Underworld before they started drilling.
Think about the tremendous amount of wealth you would have generated if you bought these companies before they made their massive gold discoveries --- before their shares skyrocketed 1,744%, 2,247%, and 6,949%.
You have that opportunity today with Ranger Gold.
Ranger Gold gives you that very special advantage few stocks can --- the EXPLOSIVE profit-power of the first
drill program.
Just like Aurelian, Ventana, and Underworld, Ranger is about to drill its first hole on a blockbuster gold property --- giving you the rare chance to buy shares in a top junior gold stock before they catapult higher.
Experts know the best place to find a gold mine is next to an existing one.

Ranger Gold has positioned itself within geological "spitting distance" of some of the richest discoveries ever made. This region is bursting with so much gold, you can practically grab a shovel and dig it up yourself.
I expect drilling will soon confirm rich veins of gold on Ranger’s properties --- and when it does, shares of RNGC will slingshot higher... generating as much as 787% gains in the next 14 days.

That’s why I urge you to BUY Ranger Gold IMMEDIATELY --- drill programs can catapult a junior gold stock so high and so fast, that shares can blast out of reach in a matter of days... sometimes hours.
Listen, my track record for picking explosive resource stocks --- and making investors boatloads of profit --- is nothing short of spectacular.
I recommended Trans Energy at $0.65... right before it screamed to $5.10 for 684% gains
I said "Buy Rome Resources" at $0.21... and the stock skyrocketed to $1.74, a whopping 723% increase
I told you to “back-up the truck” with Miller Petroleum...and it skyrocketed a staggering 843%
I recommended Magnum Hunter Resources... and
the stock blasted 307% higher
I said "load-up" on Tara Minerals... 
and it shot-up 113%
And I also told my readers about Canplats Resources (which doubled-our-money), Pediment Gold (which gained 207%), Titan Oil & Gas (which handed us 310% profits), and Arsenal Energy (which shot-up 137%).
In fact, each stock I’ve picked has increased an average of 224%.
Let me repeat: every stock I’ve ever recommended has shot up an eye-popping 224% on average... with some screaming for more than 700% gains.
Now, I’m telling you to load-up on Ranger Gold --- fourteen days from now I expect you to be cashing-in profits of $39,350 for every $5,000 you invest.
The opportunity taking shape with Ranger is so hugeso enormous, and packed with so much profit-potential that I expect it to become one of my crowning discoveries --- a pinnacle achievement of my stock-picking career.
Listen, Ranger is surrounded by some of the most valuable gold mines in the world. It's sitting smack-dab in the middle of a major production zone churning out billions of dollars annually. And they’re about to start drilling for the first time.
This could be the easiest money you ever make.
I urge you, BUY Ranger Gold IMMEDIATELY.
You may have missed out on my previous blockbuster picks like Trans Energy, Rome Resources, and Miller Petroleum --- and on major gainers like Underworld Resources, Ventana Gold, and Aurelian Resources --- don’t miss this one!
Step up to the plate and take a large position in Ranger Gold Corp (RNGC:OTCBB) immediately.
I expect Ranger Gold to multiply your money 8-fold --- making you 787% richer in 14 days.
But you must hurry ...
There's only tight window to buy shares before the stock shoots higher, and the biggest profits usually go to those who are bold enough to act decisively

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