Monday, May 9, 2011

MDAV Poised to Run Today with Positive Press, Multiple Awareness Campaigns and More!

Davi Luxury Brand Group, Inc is set to make a move for the top of the charts this week, with a multi-faceted awareness push, a variety of positive press releases, a handful of organizational changes, and more.  This company has committed to a variety of changes designed to push it beyond its current price point and into new profitable territory!

When it comes to luxury brands, perhaps one of the most widely-recognized and well-respected names in the business is that of famed vintner Robert Mondavi, hailed as the man who not only brought Napa valley wines to the world's attention, but alsosinglehandedly made them famous.

A few of his countless achievements are: Decanter "Man of the Year" 1989, Best-selling author of Harvests of Joy in 1998, subject of documentary film Mondovino in 2004, namesake of the "Mondavi Center" at University of California, founding supporter of "Napa Valley Opera House" and "Oxbow School" in Napa, inducted into Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in 1991 and the California Hall of Fame in 2007, and original architect of the Mondavi winery brand that he later sold to Constellation Brands for nearly US$1.5 billion.

In short, it could be considered Robert Mondavi's legacy that he revolutionized the wine industry in Napa valley in no small way.

Now his grandson, Carlo Mondavi, has taken his ancestor's drive and commitment and begun to build what will likely be one of the world's foremost luxury brands, this time in skincare.  Remaining true to his roots, he has combined the health benefits of wine and its byproducts with modern technology to produce DAVI, a brand that is on track to do for skincare what Robert Mondavi did for Napa valley wines.

While the brand is relatively young, it is not without its achievements, some of them quite large. DAVI has not only formed a standing collaboration with well-known and globally-respected luxury hygiene product formulator Gilchrist & Soames, but it was also recently chosen as the in-room amenity provider for all Peninsula HotelsworldwidePLEASE ENABLE IMAGES TO VIEW THIS EMAIL CONTENTAdditionally, DAVI has confirmed the completion of negotiations and signing of an endorsement contract with Real Housewives star Taylor Armstrong to foster awareness of the company's products.

MDAV also recently announced the addition of Mr. Bernard Rice to its advisory board. Mr Rice currently also functions as the company's CFO, and brings extensive experience to this position. While employed by IBM, Mr. Rice pioneered their unique business approach to software as a strategic imperative, eventually taking over as IBM's finance director for application software.
In 1993, Mr. Rice became Chief Financial Officer and General Partner for IBM Venture Capital Group. In this role Mr. Rice was highly involved with IBM's ventures with Apple Computer, Blockbuster Entertainment Joint Ventures, and investments in the Media Industry and video on demand pilots with Bell Atlantic and Cox Cable.
"I am delighted to be a part of the tremendous opportunity and momentum built around the DAVI brand. As a member of the Board, I look forward to scaling this business around the world with our partners who understand our exciting product line and how it enhances their and our stakeholders return," said Mr. Rice. 

MDAV is currently priced at US$1.00, right between its 52-week high and 52-week low, and in a consistent upward trending pattern. MDAV is operating in a market that is projected to surpass US$91 billion by 2014, powered primarily by the Asian market, in which MDAV has established itself as indicated by the recent selection as in-room provider by Peninsula Hotels group, a luxury Asian hotel franchise. 

MDAV presents a vey unique opportunity to our subscribers, with a price point that leaves plenty of room for growth, yet is stable enough to dispell much of the fears of significant loss. Additionally, its current weak appearance with regards to technical indicators and fundamentals can be seen as deceptive, since at least the fundamentals will likely improve significantly with the completion of the company's own product line, estimated to occur within the next 30-45 days.
MDAV recently received a BUY rating from independent research and analysis firm EquityNet Research and analyst Randy D Lewis, who calls the company's business model "recession proof" and pointed to the fact that sales in the skin care space actually increased in 2009, when most other industries were hardest hit with the general decline in the economy.
MDAV is generally recommended by analysts, based on the solid demand for anti-aging products (in fact, projections indicate a growing market) and the strong brand recognition that will give MDAV a head start on its competitors. 

With its current price in a very attractive range, and the chart indicating likely continued growth (as annotated above), MDAV could very well be our next huge power play.

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