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Top Oil Pick Already Launched 50 pct. - Get Ready for a Quick Double

An upstart junior sits in the
center of the massive Bakken oil field…
a Saudi-sized deposit right here in the
United States of America!
Buy Now:
Legend Oil & Gas (LOGL)

Buy Range: $2 to $3
2011 Target: 
The value of the oil recovered from the Bakken could exceed $5.3 trillion using current production technologies.
Legend Oil & Gas (LOGL) holds a startup position in the center of this enormous oil field.

“Buy LOGL immediately; this stock could make you rich!”
The company is Legend Oil & Gas (LOGL) and judging by its position in the 503 billion barrel Bakken oil field, its $2.00 stock could soar past $6.00 this year alone!
That’s 300% immediate profit potential for those who get in now. But don’t take your profits too soon…
The Bakken is so enormous,
I project LOGL could post 1,000% to 3,000% long-term gains for buy-and-hold investors!
To My Fellow Investor:
Sixty years ago, the Bakken oil field was discovered and the initial resource estimates were spectacular. However, the oil was never extracted because it is bound up in tight shale formations that was difficult to crack back then.
Bakken wells are routinely producing
more than $100,000
in oil per day! 

Fast forward six decades and it’s a whole new ballgame.
Modern drilling technology opened the floodgates to these tightly bound oil shale formations… and investors are making fortunes here.
New data are pouring in and reserve estimates for the Bakken oil field are skyrocketing. I’ve seen figures ranging from 200 billion barrels of oil to as high as 503 billion barrels, with recovery rates as high as 50%!
At $105/barrel, the Bakken holds upwards
to $26.4 trillion in
recoverable oil! 

To put that in perspective, the entirety of Saudi Arabian oil reserves are officially quoted as just over 260 billion barrels (though recent secret documents released by WikiLeaks show that figure could be over stated by a whopping 40%!)
So by any measure… now that the shale has been cracked… the Bakken could be America’s ticket to energy independence.
It could also be your ticket to financial independence.
The key is not how much oil is in the Bakken, rather, it’s how much money you could make from the Bakken. 
A ground floor entry to a Bakken start-up (a junior) could one day be worth millions and for that reason… I recommend you leap on Legend Oil & Gas (LOGL) immediately.
Look for a triple in LOGL shares this year. And longer term, if you buy now, you’re in for a profit ride that could soar past 3,000%!
Here’s how the Bakken became the hottest oil play in North America and why you can expect LOGL to be one of the most
profitable stock discoveries in your lifetime.
Buy LOGL now and
stay the course:
  • $1,000 could one day pay $30,000 profit...
  • $2,500 could pay you $75,000 profit…
  • $5,000 could pay you over $150,000 profit!
Right now, LOGL is off the radar, you can buy in at a fraction of where the Street could propel this stock once word gets out 
For years, oil exploration in the U.S. has been considered a thing of the past. Over! Done! A dead end. It was widely believed that after Alaska, no more economically-recoverable major oil deposits remained to be recovered in America.
Know Bakken History and
Profit From it.
Since the 1950s, geologists were aware that the two-mile deep shale known as the Bakken Formation held almost incalculable amounts of trapped oil. But, it wasn’t until very recently that two new technologies...
Horizontal drilling
...made recovery economically practical.
In the early 2000s, Texas oil developers began using new drilling techniques in a similar formation near Fort Worth known as the Barnett Shale. They drilled down thousands of feet and then turned and went horizontally through the gas-bearing rock—allowing a single well to reach more gas. They then blasted huge volumes of water down the well to crack open the rocks and free the gas trapped inside.
The real breakthrough in the Bakken has come in the past two years as improved drilling techniques have led to bigger wells, faster drilling and lower costs. Marathon, for example, last year took an average of 24 days to drill a well, down from 56 days in 2006.
That has opened up new areas that weren't previously worth drilling in and made wells profitable at prices as low as $50 a barrel, down from $80 three years ago.
Suddenly it was a whole new ball game. Shale-trapped oil in the vast Bakken Formation could now be economically recovered! I’ve seen estimates that there may be as much as500,000,000,000 barrels of recoverable oil there!
To put that in perspective, Saudi Arabia has some 264,100,000,000 barrels of proven oil reserves, a little over half what is estimated to lie buried in the Bakken Formation.
Iran has about 150 billion barrels. Iraq, some 143 billion barrels. Kuwait’s oil reserves are estimated at about 101 billion barrels, while Venezuela has about 98 billion barrels.
So, no doubt about it, the technologies to economically extract oil from the Bakken are a total game changer.
Best of all, that oil is light sweet crude. The Bakken oil isn’t gritty, dirty and expensive like the Alberta oil sands. I’ve seen estimates that over time, the cost to bring Bakken crude to market could be as little as $16 per barrel!
The US imports about 14 million barrels of oil per day, which means US consumers sent about $51 billion dollars over seas building palaces in Dubai and propping up unfriendly regimes around the World.
Of course, as you can see from the map, the Bakken Shale Formation and its estimated 500 billion barrels of oil isn’t all within U.S. borders. But, nonetheless America is sitting on top of a super massive 200 billion barrel oil field that could potentially make America energy independent.
Symbol:  LOGL
Buy Range: $2 to $3
1st Target: 
The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) is about to release a new, more accurate assessment of the Bakken oil formation that covers North Dakota and portions of South Dakota and Montana.
If 200 billion barrels of oil at $90 a barrel are recovered in the high plains, the added wealth to the US economy would be $18 Trillion Dollars which would go a long way in stabilizing the US trade deficit and could cut the cost of oil in half in the long run.
It’s only thanks to two new technologies, that the Bakken Formation could boost America’s oil reserves by an incredible 10 times, giving western economies the trump card against OPEC’s squeeze on oil supply and making Iranian and Venezuelan threats of disrupted supply irrelevant.
There’s enough oil there to meet America’s ever-growing energy needs for the next 40 years. And what’s astonishing is that, until now, all that oil has been largely discounted and ignored.
According to Bruce Gjovig, director of the University of North Dakota’s Center for Innovation, “there may be as many as 2,000 new North Dakota millionaires within the next three to five years.”
The Great Bakken Oil Rush!
So, what’s in the very early stages of development is a stampede to buy up the drilling rights from farmers and ranchers who are more than willing to cash in on the Bakken oil boom in return for freedom from financial worries and the weather-related uncertainties of agricultural life.
Oscar Stohler, a longtime resident of North Dakota who lived modestly for 75 years is now a retired cattle rancher who is officially a millionaire.
So is John Bartelson who receives tens of thousands of dollars each month from the oil company now drilling on his land. There are only 6,000 residents in the county where John lives and it’s estimated that one in three is already a millionaire.
Oil-field workers are suddenly flocking to the North Dakota city of Williston, leaving it with a chronic shortage of hotel rooms and making housing scarce. In Dickinson, three hours to the south, a labor shortage has the local McDonald's offering $300 signing bonuses. And in nearby Killdeer, a town of 700 people that lies in the heart of the new oil country, oil workers jockey with locals for lunchtime tables at the Buckskin Bar & Grill, which serves burgers made from locally raised buffalo.
But North Dakota and Montana are vast, sparsely populated regions and there is still plenty of un-leased land to be had. It’s a bit like the California gold rush, except that in this case, there is virtually 100% certainty that anyone with the resources and technical knowhow will be able to tap into the vast Bakken oil reserves that underlay all of northwest North Dakota and northeast Montana.
Here’s the Official Word From Legend’s
Management on Its Plans For the Bakken:
Buy LOGL.OB Now While You Can Still Get It Below $3.00.
Legend Oil and Gas is an oil and gas production and exploration company focused on the dual strategy of developing its existing oil producing assets, while actively seeking projects with significant “Blue Sky” potential in the oil prone shale plays in North America.
Already Positioned for Growth
In 2010, Legend acquired its Piqua property, a 1,040-acre site with 33 active wells in Woodson County, Kansas.
Symbol:  LOGL
Buy Range: $2 to $3
1st Target: 
Projected net operating income (NOI) from the leases is estimated at approximately $140,000 per year yielding a purchase price of 4.4 times NOI (based upon average oil price of $70.00 per barrel). Internal estimates of 50,000 barrels of proven producing oil reserves is based upon current decline rates and yields an acquisition cost of $12.50 per barrel.
Based upon the current price of oil and the upside potential as determined through geological review of the project, the Company expects that the economic return from this project will increase over the next several years. Some of the development options being considered include: infill drilling, water flooding, well bore cleanout and additional drilling on lightly developed producing leases. Legend's president, Marshall Diamond-Goldberg suggested that:
“there appears to be real potential to add to the production and reserve base associated with these leases by expanding the drilling which was previously done on them. No significant development has taken place on the leases since 2006. Initial activity will focus on the maintenance of existing wells and the tie-in of shut in locations, with drilling activity planned for the spring when weather improves.”
The Company plans to drill development wells and remediate any existing wells which require work on the site as well as working to improve the production systems in place with the goal of doubling production and creating strong cash flow.
Legend is also actively seeking projects in several of the large shale plays, particularly in the Bakken/Three Forks play. The success of these unconventional plays could lead to a new “Golden Age” of exploration and development, adding substantial reserves that today are recoverable thanks to recent advances in oil field technology.
A Talented and Experienced Management Team
Legend is backed by a management team that is experienced in taking oil companies from the start-up and early development phase through the period of reserves and capital growth within a public company environment. The Company’s officers have held and currently hold senior management positions and Board memberships with several successful small and medium sized producers. Together, the team brings over 60 years of combined oil industry experience to Legend.
Marshall Diamond-Goldberg – President, Member, Board of Directors
Mr. Diamond-Goldberg brings more than 29 years’ industry experience to his role at Legend Oil and Gas. As President, a position he assumed in September 2010, Mr. Diamond-Goldberg oversees all major company operations and business development, including acquisitions, drilling, production maintenance, and exploration.
Prior to joining Legend Oil and Gas, Mr. Diamond-Goldberg was the President, co-founder, and a Director of Manhattan Resources Ltd., a publicly traded oil and gas production and exploration company that eventually became part of Fairborne Energy Trust. He went on to co-found two private oil and gas producers, Strand Resources, Ltd. and Trend Energy, Inc., both of which were successfully sold while under his leadership.
In addition to his position with Legend Oil and Gas, Mr. Diamond-Goldberg is also a Director of International Sovereign Energy Corp., a Toronto Stock Exchange-listed company.
A professional geologist, Mr. Diamond-Goldberg has held senior geological positions with Imperial Oil Resources, Ltd., Texaco Canada Resources, Ltd., Tiber Energy Corporation and Suncor Energy, Ltd. He received a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
James L. Vandeberg, Esq. – Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, Member, Board of Directors
Mr. Vandeberg is Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, and a Director of Legend Oil and Gas, and was appointed Vice President in September 2010.
Mr. Vandeberg has more than 20 years’ experience in corporate and securities law. As a senior partner with the Vandeberg Law Group PLLC in Seattle, WA, he advises public and private companies on mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, private placements, international transactions, SEC compliance, and investor relations matters.
In addition to his roles at Legend Oil and Gas, Mr. Vandeberg holds senior positions with several resource and technology companies. He is Chief Financial Officer and a Director of IAS Energy Inc., Regi US Inc., and Reg Technologies.
Prior to joining Legend Oil & Gas, Mr. Vandeberg was general counsel and secretary for two New York Stock Exchange-listed companies, Carter Hawley Stores, Inc. and Denny’s Inc.
Mr. Vandeberg graduated cum laude from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting. He went on to study law at New York University School of Law where he was a Root-Tilden Scholar.
He is a past director and current member of the American Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals, and is a member of the Washington State Bar Association.
Buy LOGL Now While You Can Still Get It
Between $2.00 and $3.00. In a Takeover, You Could See
Your Investment Absolutely Skyrocket in Value!

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