Sunday, May 22, 2011

5 Stocks You Should Sell in May ( Even a Bull Market Can’s Save These Stocks )

Don't take all your cash off the table, but do sell these non-performers

Sell in May and go away? It is true that May through November is historically a weaker period for stocks; however, we are in the midst of a powerful bull market, and those investors who sell everything now are likely to miss out on big gains this summer.
Last month just before Easter, the key indices broke their downtrends — drawn from the highs of February and April — and drove into major resistance. Despite light volume and narrow breadth, the Easter rally was followed up by a massive breakout, the bullish significance of which cannot be overstated.
Most stocks have rallied from their lows, but some have failed to respond. Those non-performers are stocks you should sell in May.
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