Thursday, May 5, 2011

*** AURI Positioned to See Another Upwards Run ***

AURI (Auri, Inc.) is today's pick that is positioned to witness another upwards move in the market.
The Company is a specialized footwear designer and marketer that combines fashion footwear with revolutionary material originally made for NASA which is used in space suits.
In fact, AURI's shoes deliver a level of comfort unavailable in any other fashion footwear brand.  Laboratory tests show a reduction in skin temperatures and in sweat production inside of their shoes.
So, it's no wonder why over 500 top celebrities are sporting the AURI brand.
And here are some reasons why it has gained popularity:
  • As you could see from the image above, the footbed holds your foot snug like a bucket seat in a performance sedan.  Automatically formed, they're firm and supportive, yet soft and comfortable.
  • Plus, the active suspensions actuates beneath which helps maintain your foot's shape and integrity, as well as provides optimal control and performance.
  • Engineering from the latest in material and design innovations, this new level of technology is fused seamlessly into classic and contemporary styles that blend old world craftsmanship, hand stitched detailed and hand burnished leathers.

              Technical Indicators Suggest that AURI is Ready for Another Move to the Upside

AURI represents what could be next in fashionable footwear for men and women.
The Company's Laguana Beach-based design lab leverages engineering protocols and material innovations previously unheard of within the footwear industry.
And, with the help of over 500 "A List Celebrities" being spotted with their line of shoes, AURI could get unprecedented positive exposure and a potential trend that their fans want to emulate. 
That being said, AURI is in a unique position that most companies in the markets don't have, thanks to its combination of high-tech material not utilized by other shoe manufacturers and a opportunity in the spotlight from movie stars. 
Not to mention, it was named "One of America's Most Promising Companies" by Forbes magazine.

"The search for America's Most Promising Companies was intense, chocked with sanity checks and grounded in the kind of real-world analysis performed by professional investors. When we say these companies are promising, we mean it." -- Brett Nelson, Forbes.
With the right combination of fundamental and technical factors in its favor, AURI could have the right ingredients to re-test its 52-week highs and breakout to higher levels.
Keep you sights on AURI this week!

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