Thursday, October 6, 2011

LONDON Results Round-up

Date: Thursday 06 Oct 2011
London based clothing company Ted Baker said half year pre-tax profit rose 12.7% as it remains cautiously optimistic for the remainder of the year.

Pre-tax profit climbed to £8.5m for the 28 weeks ended 13 August 2011 from £7.5m before. Revenue for the period increased 16.6% to £102.8m.

The strong performance seen in the first half of 2011 has continued into the second half of the year, although the last few weeks have been affected by unseasonably warm weather, the group said.

Ray Kelvin, founder and chief executive of Ted Baker said, "Results for the full year will be dependent on trading in the important second half and, at this stage, we remain understandably cautious given the uncertain economic environment, although believe that we are well placed to deal with the challenges ahead."

Retail sales were up 13.0% on a 6.7% increase in average retail square footage. UK and European retail sales up 7.8% to £69.2m while US retail sales rose 74% to $16.7m.

In Asia, it plans to open a store in Tokyo towards the end of this financial year, as well as store in Beijing at the start of the next financial year.

Wholesale sales rose 32.8% to £21.6m while licence income climbed 5.5% to £3.1m.

Kelvin added, "Our Autumn/Winter collections have been positively received and we look forward to opening our first stores in Tokyo and in Beijing early next year."

Edenville Energy has announced encouraging results from its resource at the Rukwa Coalfield project in Tanzania, causing shares to surge higher on Thursday.

The company drilled 19 holes which show evidence of thickening to the north of the basin, with the 19th hole showing "coal-rich horizons".

Ten out of the eleven assayed holes returned coal results varying from 20.24 to 26.40 mega joules per kg.

The company said its strategy is to rapidly establish a defined joint ore reserves committee resource at the primary Rukwa areas, stating that current indications are that the coal, with appropriate processing, is suitable for use for power generation.

The predicted demand for electricity in the southern African region, particularly Tanzania, bodes well for the development of the project, the firm said.

Chairman Simon Rollason added: "These latest results are very encouraging and significantly the drilling has shown that the coal measures increases in thickness as we head northwards away from the previously known coal outcrops at Mkomolo.

"The coal measures in this newly discovered extension remain open-ended to the north and will be investigated further once the current drilling is completed."

Stock Market Update

Frequent updates that focus on broad U.S. and overseas market activity, key economic releases and stock futures trading that begin prior to U.S. market open and end with a final comment after the close.

Broad Market Re-Tests Session Highs

06-Oct-11 12:30 ET 
Dow +109.74 at 11049.69, Nasdaq +34.71 at 2495.22, S&P +14.23 at 1158.27
[BRIEFING.COM] Both the Dow and S&P 500 have returned to session highs after a brief pullback. As for the Nasdaq, it is at its best level of the day, sporting ...

Tone Remains Strong

06-Oct-11 12:00 ET 
Dow +93.36 at 11033.31, Nasdaq +27.50 at 2488.01, S&P +12.36 at 1156.40
[BRIEFING.COM] The S&P 500 recently moved another leg higher so that it came in touch with the 1160 line, but it has been unable to hold that position. In turn, ...

Market Pauses 

06-Oct-11 11:30 ET 
Dow +63.20 at 11003.15, Nasdaq +23.90 at 2484.41, S&P +9.01 at 1153.05
[BRIEFING.COM] The S&P 500 is back near its best level of the day, but it is having a relatively difficult time making much of a move beyond the 1150 line. ...

Financials Fight Back

06-Oct-11 11:00 ET 
Dow +27.62 at 10967.57, Nasdaq +14.33 at 2474.84, S&P +4.89 at 1148.93
[BRIEFING.COM] Action in the past hour of trade has seen stocks rebound from their morning retreat. The major equity averages are now up with varied gains. The market's bounce has ...

Nat Gas in Negative Territory Following Data

06-Oct-11 10:35 ET 
Dow +41.40 at 10981.35, Nasdaq +18.74 at 2479.25, S&P +5.90 at 1149.94
[BRIEFING.COM] Weakness in the dollar index, which recently fell below the 79.00 level, has provided price support to the commodity complex this morning. Natural gas futures have been in positive ...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011



RankPrevious RankBrandRegion/CountrySectorBrand Value ($m)Change in Brand Value
11United StatesBeverages70,4522%
22United StatesBusiness Services64,7277%
33United StatesComputer Software60,8957%
47United StatesInternet Services43,55736%
54United StatesDiversified42,808-10%
66United StatesRestaurants33,5784%
79United StatesElectronics32,0154%
910United StatesMedia28,7311%
1011United StatesElectronics26,86712%
1313United StatesFMCG23,2982%
1414United StatesBusiness Services23,2195%
1720United StatesElectronics21,14337%
1817United StatesTobacco19,9615%
1919South KoreaElectronics19,49111%
2224United StatesBusiness Services14,8819%
2323United StatesBeverages14,0613%
2422United StatesFinancial Services13,944-7%
2526United StatesSporting Goods13,7064%
2627GermanyBusiness Services12,7565%
2828SwedenHome Furnishings12,4874%
2937United StatesFinancial Services12,31429%
3030United StatesAlcohol12,2524%
3131United StatesTransportation11,8262%
3232United KingdomFinancial Services11,56110%
3534United StatesFMCG11,0416%
3643United StatesInternet Services9,66523%
3738United StatesFinancial Services9,3721%
4036United StatesFinancial Services8,887-13%
4135United StatesElectronics8,880-14%
4346United StatesInternet Services8,45315%
4648United StatesFMCG7,5344%
4745United StatesBusiness Services7,481-3%
5049United StatesAutomotive7,1953%
5152United StatesFMCG6,9196%
5257United StatesFinancial Services6,9118%
5554United StatesMedia6,7193%
5653FranceFinancial Services6,6943%
5956United StatesElectronics6,109-5%
6061United StatesRestaurants5,8442%
61NEWUnited StatesBeverages5,777N/A
6262GermanySporting Goods5,4952%
6467United StatesFMCG5,0723%
6569South KoreaAutomotive5,0339%
6664United StatesInternet Services4,958-3%
6781GermanyFinancial Services4,90428%
68NEWSpainFinancial Services4,846N/A
7066United StatesDiversified4,704-6%
7171United StatesFMCG4,5363%
74NEWUnited KingdomFinancial Services4,218N/A
7580United StatesFMCG4,1558%
7676United StatesLuxury4,1273%
78NEWUnited StatesAlcohol4,036N/A
80NEWSwitzerlandFinancial Services4,010N/A
8294United StatesFinancial Services3,99826%
8379United StatesRestaurants3,9732%
8478United StatesApparel3,9611%
8672SwitzerlandFinancial Services3,812-13%
8895United StatesComputer Software3,62615%
8984United KingdomAlcohol3,624-2%
90NEWUnited StatesDiversified3,586N/A
92NEWUnited KingdomAlcohol3,557N/A
94NEWSwitzerlandFinancial Services3,496N/A
9790United StatesRestaurants3,3392%
9873United StatesAutomotive3,281-24%
99100United StatesFMCG3,2415%
10098United KingdomLuxury3,1100%