Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stock Market Update

Frequent updates that focus on broad U.S. and overseas market activity, key economic releases and stock futures trading that begin prior to U.S. market open and end with a final comment after the close.

Broad Market Re-Tests Session Highs

06-Oct-11 12:30 ET 
Dow +109.74 at 11049.69, Nasdaq +34.71 at 2495.22, S&P +14.23 at 1158.27
[BRIEFING.COM] Both the Dow and S&P 500 have returned to session highs after a brief pullback. As for the Nasdaq, it is at its best level of the day, sporting ...

Tone Remains Strong

06-Oct-11 12:00 ET 
Dow +93.36 at 11033.31, Nasdaq +27.50 at 2488.01, S&P +12.36 at 1156.40
[BRIEFING.COM] The S&P 500 recently moved another leg higher so that it came in touch with the 1160 line, but it has been unable to hold that position. In turn, ...

Market Pauses 

06-Oct-11 11:30 ET 
Dow +63.20 at 11003.15, Nasdaq +23.90 at 2484.41, S&P +9.01 at 1153.05
[BRIEFING.COM] The S&P 500 is back near its best level of the day, but it is having a relatively difficult time making much of a move beyond the 1150 line. ...

Financials Fight Back

06-Oct-11 11:00 ET 
Dow +27.62 at 10967.57, Nasdaq +14.33 at 2474.84, S&P +4.89 at 1148.93
[BRIEFING.COM] Action in the past hour of trade has seen stocks rebound from their morning retreat. The major equity averages are now up with varied gains. The market's bounce has ...

Nat Gas in Negative Territory Following Data

06-Oct-11 10:35 ET 
Dow +41.40 at 10981.35, Nasdaq +18.74 at 2479.25, S&P +5.90 at 1149.94
[BRIEFING.COM] Weakness in the dollar index, which recently fell below the 79.00 level, has provided price support to the commodity complex this morning. Natural gas futures have been in positive ...

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