Thursday, June 24, 2010

Traders are focusing on GEVI's HUGE profits

General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) used to do a lot of things (waste-to-energy, environmental remediation, etc.), but it's now focused on its core money-making business: non-hazardous waste-water treatment.

And it was the best decision the company ever made!
Narrowing their focus has helped GEVI post the best financial results in its history!
To the tune of nearly $4.5 MILLION in net income! 
CEO Timothy Koziol stated, “We are pleased with the results shown in our first quarter. For the first time in the Company’s inception we have positive net income. I firmly believe that the decision to pursue the non-hazardous waste-water strategy has been a wise one and look forward to building and developing our business model."
Even better still …
GEVI's chart hasn't caught up to the good news – and that's to YOUR advantage!
  • GEVI is off over 60% from its recent high
  • And now I see a bullish divergence emerging where the MACD is trending higher while the stock price is not … often an indicator of an impending strong price move
  • After May's sell-off, it appears the overall trend is now towards accumulation
  • The Stochastics are stablizing near oversold levels which could add some strength to any near-term bounce

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