Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Spotlight Stock - PPWE

This is an important pick for you to take a look at immediately.  PPWE could be a long term winner with this big news announcement.
Proper Power and Energy, Inc. operates as an oil and gas exploration and production company primarily in the United States.
Start your research on PPWE:
It focuses on utilizing a system of research and testing, and selected various sites with potential for productivity.
The company’s scientific engineer approach is termed as radiometric. 
PPWE just announced that over the past few months, the Company has been interviewing and evaluating potential joint venture partners for the commencement of drilling on its Utah property.
The President of Proper Power & Energy, commented, "Aligning ourselves with a Company that has vast experience and resources in the general area of where we will commence drilling is invaluable to our success in Utah."  
Proper Power and Energy, Inc. has put together an 11,000+ acre major lease prospect in Utah with room for over 75 wells.
Finding oil is a percentage game…
PPWE feels they have increased their they have increased the chances for success by about 20% from the old 75% accuracy that's proven by the old Radiometrics.
This could be a crucial buying time, especially for PPWE.  It has been a slow Friday with many equities coming off their lows, but now could be a great entrance opportunity for a stock in the oil and gas sector.
Keep watching PPWE as volume could really pick up Monday after this news gets out.
Watch for More on PPWE.

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