Thursday, June 24, 2010

$EMOT Alert !!!

Here's a huge push for "going green" and being eco-friendly. Especially with the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in mind, the world could soon be turning to companies like $EMOT to meet the increasing demand for alternative energy vehicles both on and off the road.
Think about it this way: what's more appealing? A loud, obnoxious, gas-guzzling machine throwing all types of harmful emissions into the ozone, OR products with little or no noise, no carbon footprint, no exhaust, and no dependency on fossil fuels.
$EMOT has positioned itself as the gold standart of electric powered motorcycles. In fact, the company's EMAX 72 DS is the only 72 volt, dual sport, all-electric motorcycle that's also street legal.
What's even better about $EMOT is that the company is working on a number of exciting economically-sound vehicles.
This includes an electric ATV, a personal watercraft (jet ski), electric bicycle and a scooter. There's no public company out there that has these types of products or technology!
$EMOT also has a number of patents pending, including a proprietary computerized battery control unit, which increases the performance and operating range of lithium-ion powered vehicles. (Sounds like something a few car companies would also be interested in!)
Guess what motor sports fans, if this technology is transferable from an electric motorcycle to vehicles likes jet skis, bikes and scooters, it can also be used in lawnmowers, industrial equipment and even appliances.
Yes, $EMOT has electric motorcycles in it's green line-up, but The Dean believes the possibilities are endless for $EMOT's green technology.
Everyone's talking about the oil spill and the need to ride the Green Revolution. Well, $EMOT has an incredibly small float---and the technology, ingenuity and management team to lead the way.
Speaking of which, $EMOT's management has ties with most of the biggest names in the "moto" world. To name a few---Honda, Suzuki, and Yoshimura. These are big companies with lots of money but not necessarily a lot of time to reinvent the wheel (so to speak). What do companies like these do when they need the latest technology---they go out and grab it!
With $EMOT potentially leading the Green Revolution, The Dean can't believe this stock is just a penny!
Especially after Wednesday's dip, The Dean thinks $EMOT is ripe for the picking.

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