Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stock Activity Alert for IntercontinentalExchange (ICE)

Shares of ICE touched the 50-day moving average from above but failed to break through the widely watched support line. If the stock price remains above the critical 50-day moving average, then investors may continue to buy the shares in anticipation of an upward price move.

If shares of IntercontinentalExchange fall below the support line, the trend of the stock may change. The stock might become bear or neutral and traders may need to rely on other indicators as part of their strategy to determine what action to take concerning the stock.

Shares of IntercontinentalExchange closed at $119.41 in the previous trading session and opened today at $118.87. ICE is currently trading at $117.52, down $1.89 (-1.58%) in today's trading session. The shares of the stock are trading between the range of $116.61 - $120.15. Today's price change was accompanied by a volume of 685,958 shares which is less than the average volume of 988,528 shares.

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