Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crown Equity Holdings, Inc. CRWE.OB

Crown Equity Holdings, Inc. – Traded as CRWE.OBhas established itself as a top tier consulting firm with a diversified portfolio of services assisting the needs of private and public companies. While well established as a conduit for taking private companies public, Crown Equity Holdings, Inc has expanded their list of products and services to include providing investor relations, public relations, market awareness as well as complete advertising campaign solutions for their clients in the public sector.
Details for Crown Equity Holdings Inc June 17, 2010 – June 22, 2010
Last: $0.45
Change: +$0.2(+120%)
Volume: 191,800
2010 has been very exciting for Crown Equity Holdings, Inc.
CRWE experienced an unprecedented surge in growth and expansion adding it’s many subsidiaries while also ramping up production in their IT department adding additional full time staff enabling them to extend their reach globally. They also added to the editoral staff whose creative writing talents add immeasurably to the CRWE talent pool. Crown Equity Holdings, Inc has updated their website resulting in a “fresh, new approach”.

Crown Equity Holdings Inc (CRWE) – Investment Highlights
1. Gross Profit: CRWE’s GP for period ending Dec31, 2009 was $657,000 compared to $6,000 for period ending Dec 31, 2008. A huge increase in gross profit from one year to the next is a major improvement for any company. *Details found at Finance!Yahoo
2. Attractive Profit Margin: CRWE showed a 14.23% profit margin making their shares attractive relative to many other public companies in their sector.
3. Outstanding P/E: Crown Equity Holdings, Inc shows a P/E of 100 which is a very aggressive technical statistic.
4. Aggressive Growth Structure: CRWE’s business model is scalable, technically and at the development level allowing executive management to quickly and easily expand, adding divisions as the demands and needs for advertising grows.
5. Overseas Potential: The potential for overseas interest in CRWE and U.S. markets is rapidly taking hold overseas with CRWE’s internet expansion to countries like Germany, Taiwan, Japan and the United Kingdom.
6. Management Team: CRWE’s executives and board of directors have over 75 years of combined professional experience in finance and management.
7. Diversification: Crown Equity Holdings, inc. has diversified offering a full range of products and services including but not limited to investor relations, public relations, advertising, network consulting, IT development and more.
8. Technological Development: CRWE has integrated their business profile with today’s cutting edge technologies and in doing so has employed a full time IT staff with their own in house software engineers, web developers and computer programmers to ensure they stay ahead of the competition.
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