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PPWE could be a good buy here with oil reserve prices consistently on the rise.

With reserve prices going higher, the economics of exploration with radiometrics are compelling.
Proper Power and Energy, Inc.  will only drill where the radiometrics tell them commercial hydrocarbons are present.
The company is reducing the finding costs and everything associated with the actual drilling and the completion risks.
Because of the current state of affairs, oil and gas industry is particularly significant right now.
Once more investors find out about PPWE,  it could be trading at a much higher price.  This is only the beginning.
In time, their technology may become the industry standard, and the word "wildcat" may apply to non-radiometrcially surveyed drilling.
With oil on the rise, up over 18% in past few month, this is the sector you want to be in!
This may just be the beginning for PPWE…make sure it’s on your watch-list, could be a big rally on Monday.
Proper Power and Energy, Inc. an exploration and production company for oil and gas.
Recent Price
Market Capitalization$12.2M
Est FloatN/a
Outstanding Shares67.5M

Proper Power and Energy Inc.
405 S. Dale Mabry Hwy.
Suite 360
Tampa, FL 33609

Phone: 904-371-2445
Fax: 813-289-9400
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Current Projects
  Proper Power Announces Receipt of Testimonials in Support of Radiometrics Data Suppliers
Proper Power and Energy, Inc., recently announced receipt of written testimonials supporting the Radiometric Plus data surveying techniques the Company uses in its central Utahexploration endeavors.  The basis of the Company's reserve potentials have been based upon Thrust Resource's proprietary hydrocarbon vertical migration measuring methods.  The HVM readings measure the amount of hydrocarbon migration that flows from underground to the surface.  
  Proper Power & Energy Evaluating Joint Venture Partnerships
Proper Power & Energy, Inc. recently announced that over the past few months, the Company has been interviewing and evaluating potential joint venture partners for the commencement of drilling on its Utah property.  In the recent meeting, the Board of Directors has decided to narrow their choices to three companies.  All three companies possess the characteristics that Proper Power feels it will need for future success in Utah.  All three companies have more than 10 years experience in both Oil and Gas drilling.  Most important to the Company is that all three companies maintain equipment and properties in surrounding areas.  

Company Overview
 Proper Power and Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: PPWE)Proper Power and Energy, Inc. has put together an 11,000+ acre major lease prospect in Utah with room for over 75 wells. The company believes the property holds more than 2 Billion barrels recoverable.
They will only explore prospects where the geologic target formations are known to produce oil and gas in geographically separate, but analogous, fields. They will only drill where the radiometrics tell them commercial hydrocarbons are present.
To further understand their strategy, it is important to know the difference between developmental and exploratory drilling. Exploratory wells are attempts to find new oil and gas fields, whereas development wells expand or more fully tap into a known oil or gas reservoirs.

Since Proper Power and Energy, Inc. has the appropriate technology, they will explore. In time, their technology may become the industry standard, and the word "wildcat" may apply to non-radiometrcially surveyed drilling. All of their prospects are classified as exploratory in nature, but they are not "wildcat" since they have the radiometrics data advantage. Their prospects are separated geographically from existing oil and gas production, but they are not always separated geologically or radiologically. Therein lays the difference from "wildcatting."

With reserve prices going higher, the economics of exploration with radiometrics are compelling. The company is reducing the finding costs and everything associated with the actual drilling and the completion risks. While there is a higher drilling risk associated with an exploratory well than with a development well, the reward potential with a successful exploratory well far exceeds the upside of any developmental well.

The Company geophysicist, Robert Dunbar, has commenced his initial review of the seismic data recently acquired by the Company.  Mr. Dunbar has compared the initial data with his previously completed Radiometerics Plus results in the Tooele County claim.  As a result, he has contacted the seismic source provider and has requested additional information and clarification regarding the actual mathematical readings in order to be better able to conclude his report.
According to Dunbar, the initial findings appear to be very encouraging and exciting.  The study range area includes 11,000 acres in Rush Valley.  Although he is not yet prepared to sign off on the completed study, Dunbar believes that he will be prepared to opine as to the approximate locations of the best and highest pay zones and quantities within three weeks.
Last May, the Company sent representatives to Utah to interview potential drilling companies and met with a prominent Tooele County longtime drilling group and obtained a general idea of the budgetary requirements to commence drilling the first two wells in the claim.  The Company has also established contacts with local oil and gas consulting firms and will retain one to be the face and local presence for Proper Power in Utah.  The local consultants will interact with Proper Power management and Robert Dunbar on all facets of operations in the State which the Company feels is an important resource tool to maintain.

The Proper Power lease is located wholly inside the #1 zone (colored in pink) as indicated on the map.

HMI's (Hydrocarbon Migration Index numbers) of 1 (colored in pink) have been recorded by wells with excellent production, 2's (yellow) are correlated to very good wells, 3 and 4's (orange) by good to fair wells, 5's to 29 (blue) are poor to very poor, and in some cases are deemed to be non commercial or dry holes with shows.
Finding oil is a percentage game. You want to increase your odds as much as you can, and Proper Power and Energy, Inc. feels that the company has done that with the Radiometric Plus because they have increased the chances for success by about 20% from the old 75% accuracy that's proven by the old Radiometrics.

 The above chart shows that this oil is Mississippi made, it's all migrated up from the Mississippian shale; that's the source bed. By the way, Mississippian shale is only about 100 feet thick on this Wolverine field, and this generated all these reserves. The further west you go, this Mississippian shale gets thicker and it culminates at 7000 feet thickness in the middle of Nevada. So you can imagine the size of the reserves this can generate as you move west.
The correlation Mississippian formation is situated here, and the Mississippian is way up here. A lot higher on our acreage. The Juraissic formation, the one that should be productive is right here.

 Joseph Abdo, President 
Mr. Abdo possesses more than thirty three years of professional business experience.  He began his career endeavors as an entrepreneur and investor in 1976, and has worked in the industries of entertainment, Internet development, real estate, and the stock market.  He strategically and efficiently implements business processes to achieve maximum results.  Mr. Abdo is very successful due to his results-oriented nature.  He is a bottom-line man who looks after the interests of his partners and shareholders as though they were his own. 
 Khalil Abdo, Vice President  
Khalil Abdo has invested more than thirty years in his career as a businessman and investor.  He has an extensive background in lending, real estate, Internet development, many facets of the entertainment industry, and investments in the stock market.  His keen eye for business and detail makes him an irreplaceable asset to the organization.
 Russell Hilbourn, Head of Production 
Mr. Hilbourn brings an extensive knowledge of the oil and gas exploration and drilling industry. Mr. Hilbourn's notable accomplishments include: Battle Mountain Gold- power generation, mining equipment start-up, new facility; Amoco North America- O&M contract for all power generation and refinery maintenance for Western US; Texaco- maintenance contract for power generation and oil refineries; Refinery maintenance contracts for Mobil, Conoco, Amoco, Total, Chevron, and Valero.
New Construction (Power or Sub-Stations), Kennecott Copper, DOD US Gov. Malmstrom AFB, Pueblo Depot, NORAD, Peterson AFB, Travis AFB, Fort Calhoun, Camp Pentleton, White Sands Missile Range, Fort Carson and others. International Projects: Belize-power generation and transmission start-up, sub-stations, fuel depot; Guatemala, power generation both Hydroelectric and oil fired, Nicaragua generation and sub-stations, mining equipment construction and start-up; Panama, El Salvador oil fired generation; Costa Rica- Transmission and Sub-Stations; Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru-Small generation, sub-stations and start-up. Ecuador generation Aeroderivative and sub-station. Several Caribbean projects for engineering, power generation, sub-stations power plants and crude oil facilities and power plant start-up consulting.

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