Sunday, June 27, 2010

MINE - Huge News Could Mean Huge Uptrend!

MINE announced today the company has obtained the rights to the US$140 million, 30 Year Operations Contract with the Honduran government for its Chiligatoro Hydro-Electric Project!!
As previously released, consideration for increased capacity can be obtained based on final plant design and SERNA approval. Minerco expects to receive increased capacity approval after submission of the Final Design.
Just yesterday we talked about the impact that this agreement could have on MINE.  Their President and CEO, V Scott Vanis commented on the recent agreement:

"This Agreement not only landmarks our new green energy vision for Honduras and Latin America but will be a significant source of revenue and growth for our company. Working with the government and people in Honduras has been fascinating and enjoyable. I, and Minerco, look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship in Honduras."
This project could position MINE as one of the big players in Latin America's renewable energy market.  The reason that is important is that all of these players stand to see major investment dollars coming their way!
MINE closed at $.0275 cents on Friday on monster volume of 25 million shares.
Let's recap on what why we are so excited about MINE:
MINE is in the very popular renewable energy industry, and just 2 short months ago we saw MINE trading 400% higher than where it is currently.
MINE just recently went public, which means that this could be a ground floor opportunity!
* Latin America is getting very progressive on switching to cleaner energy!
Renewable energy not only saves money, but is the future of green technology!
There are 15 carbon emission reduction projects registered in Honduras through SERNA. 
The combined projects reported a reduction of 293,427 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2009!
What makes MINE so unique is that the company has direct contact with the Honduran Government!
Last month MINE made a huge news splash with the announcement that they appointed Marco Rodriguez to the Board of Directors.
Mr. Rodriguez currently holds rights to 75 mega-watts of clean energy in Honduras!!!
He has worked in countries such as Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. He has extensive energy project experience in design, logistics, construction, government protocol and community relations in Latin America.
Mr. Rodriguez served as an energy adviser to previous Honduran administrations. His invaluable expertise and experience has been retained by the current Honduran administration in the same capacity.
He participated in the special commission that submitted a new mining law to the Honduran Government that attracted more than $200 million in investment for the sector from overseas companies!!
Take a look of what the region's going to need to spend over the next 2 decades:
According to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, countries in this region would require an investment of $572 billion in the electricity sector between 2007 and 2030 to meet the energy demand.
You can see why renewable energy sources are so important to these regions. But don't just look at dollars and cents, look at the benefits!
The benefits of renewable energy extend to stimulating the economy and creating job opportunities. The money that is invested in renewable energy is typically spent on materials and staff that build and maintain equipment instead of importing energy.
The economic benefits of hydroelectric power are favorable in comparison to other power systems by the low maintenance and operational requirements of hydroelectric systems.

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