Thursday, June 24, 2010

Penny Stock Picks of the Week: (FDMF, UGDM, BRNZ, MZEI, HELI)

FDMF $0.0071 -11.25%
Over the past month, Freedom Energy Holdings (OTC: FDMF.PK) has been on quite the roller coaster ride, moving up more than 250% from current levels to a high of $0.025. The Dean believes this penny stock is ready for a big bounce with any type of news or oil spill development. Although The Dean is not officially covering this company, FDMF is his preferred oil spill penny stock. In fact, FDMF is the oil spill penny stock The Dean was hinting about but never officially alerted.
UGDM $0.54 +20.00%
Universal Gold Mining Corp. (OTC: UGDM.OB) “is an early stage, U.S. public company currently pursuing a business strategy in the world-wide gold mining sector, with an initial focus on identifying and acquiring opportunities in the Americas.” As of Friday’s close, $UGDM has moved up 170% in the past five trading sessions, but has not released news since the filing of an 8-K more than a week ago.
BRNZ $1.00 +12.36%
Last Thursday, Brand Neue Corp. (OTC: BRNZ.OB) announced the company will benefit from a 50-50 revenue sharing agreement on specified new business, “effective immediately.” Additionally, this press release tells us the company has entered into the $12 billion domestic lighting market with their Luma Vue advanced LED lighting systems and products.
Medizone International Inc. (OTC: MZEI.OB) is a research and development company engaged in the development of AsepticSure technology to decontaminate and sterilize hospital surgical suites, emergency rooms, intensive care units, schools, and other critical infrastructure.
HELI $0.09 +50.00%
On Friday afternoon, Heli Electronics Corp. (OTC: HELI.OB) announced the company was authorized as the official marketing and promotions
 agency for Haier’s Audio/Visual products.