Thursday, June 24, 2010

MYSL and YIPI - Same old, same old - SAME OLD is sexy as hell

PSC is well known for staying with stock for the long run.  We have watched two of our favourites continue to climb in the last two weeks.
MYSL ( has been rocking for the last two weeks and has moved 180% from .125 to today's close @ .35.  Today MYSL clocked in with a 16.67% move which tells us that the upward trend is intact.
The last PR from MYSL makes a strong case that the stock is a buy for members sitting on the sidelines. Follow the smart money and get in before it runs away.
MyScreen Mobile completes second stage of financing with Global Financial Enterprises LLC.
The mobile ad market will be worth $5.7 Billion by 2014. This market is real and MYSL is right in the crosshairs of the space with their platform.
Giants like Google and Apple have really taken to the mobile ad space.  They are battling for territory on everything from Android to IPhones.
Developing markets have also taken to the mobile ad market.  This story out of India kind of makes you think that the new ideas in the space are going to come from the smaller players like MYSL.
We think MYSL is getting ready to make a move back to the .50 to .80 range just based on the news base that the stock has formed.  The chart on MYSL says that MYSL is moving in the right direction and we think members can be buyers @ these levels and expect to make 100% or more.
YIPI ( also had a great day.  Our initial alert on YIPI was early this year @ .60.  The stock was up 11.41%  today and the stock is up 388.33% since our initial alert.   The long term outlook here is an eye opener.  There is no dilution and if the company continues to deliver the goods, there is no reason that YIPI can't move another 100% .
The ranking on keeps rising and the new eyeballs are attracting investor attention.  Some of that attention came from as per YIPI's last PR.

Yippy Ranked Top Search Engine by's Guide to Internet for Beginners
The battle for search traffic rages on and Yippy could prove to be a heck of an a acquisition for a bigger player. Buyers could be anyone from Microsoft to Google or even Yahoo.
Members should take into account that PSC is speculating about a possible buyout.  To us it makes sense that the big boys would want to grab any upstart which has a better product like
The constant uptick in the stock tells us that someone is socking away shares.  It will be interesting to see how the Yippy story unfolds over the summer.
Please remember to do your due diligence on MYSL and YIPI.

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