Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why You Should Buy Akamai Technologies Stock - AKAM

Figure 6
Akamai Technologies (AKAM) is involved with accelerating and improving the speed of the internet.  The company helps its customers improve their revenues and reduce expenses by maximizing the performance of their websites.  Akamai focuses on improving website performance, scalability, and security.  The company has deployed the world’s biggest computing platform.  Akamai has more than 65,000 servers around the globe, which is a significant barrier of entry to possible competitors.
Akamai is perfectly positioned to take advantage of increasing demand for streaming online video.  These days, the internet can’t keep up with the massive amounts of data volume and information that the modern internet requires.  The internet is often slow or delayed.  Akamai speeds up the speed and performance of the internet which is exactly what the online world needs.  Customers around the world are clamoring to do business with Akamai.
Akamai revenues are set to increase in the near term due to solid growth in internet use worldwide.  And Akamai’s profit margins should improve due to economies of scale and efficiency improvements.
Akamai has made some key acquisitions recently which will further improve their transmission speeds.  Plus, Akamai has over $600 million in cash in the bank.  They can use this cash and their own highly valued stock to make more key acquisitions to maintain their competitive advantage.  And the company announced a $100 million stock buyback in 2009, which is very positive for the stock price.   
Akamai is set to release their quarterly earnings report on July 26th.  We expect Wall Street money managers and investor to pile into Akamai stock before their earnings report which should result in a nice gain for your stock purchase.

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