Monday, June 14, 2010

AT&T Apologizes to iPad 3G Owners for Security Failure

att logo1 AT&T Apologizes to iPad 3G Owners for Security FailureRemember the massive security breach that plagued iPad 3G owners on the AT&T (NYSE: T) network just last week? The one where 114,000 e-mail addresses and ICC-IDs were compromised? The security issue where even the FBI got involved and to see if there was any wrongdoing? Yeah, that’s the one. Apparently, AT&T decided it would be appropriate to send out an apology to those who were affected – not that it stems any concerns or anything, but we’re sure it’s a welcome sign to show that the carrier does care.
AT&T’s VP of public policy and Chief Privacy Officer Dorothy Attwood sent an e-mail to those affected to explain what happened and how the security hole was patched within hours of its discovery. While this was all big news and a pretty big deal, it seemed like the hack wasn’t all that dangerous unless the info fell into hands that had a lot of time on them.
Does AT&T’s apology seem like too little, too late? Or was this an honest mistake and an honest apology? Either way, I sure do hope those iPad 3G owners feel a little better about this whole thing so they can just get back to enjoying their magical devices

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