Monday, June 14, 2010

THE NEW EPIC PICK IS....GLFW (Gulf West Investment Properties)!

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GLFW is a real estate development and investment company whos current focus is on developing new projects, while taking advantage of reduced construction and labor costs to rapidly expand and increase the company's holdings. 

However, what attracted us the most to this little gem is the current share structure.  According to, there is only 61,354 shares in the float.  Trading at .40 - that spells 
$$$!  We see this as an incredible opportunity to get in at the bottom and ride this as a day or swing trade.  Word is there will be increased exposure and news throughout the week.
 is in a sector that is greatly beneficial to all types of investors big or small. Real estate development is a multifaceted business, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved parcels to others.  
With all this in mind let’s take a brief look at what GLFW is currently doing:
1) The company already has over $1.8 Million in funding for just one of their finalized projects, and the value of their upcoming projects is estimated at over $100 Million Dollars.

2) They have 4 major projects that are all within the final stages of completion:
1. Assisted Living Facility:
GLFW is in the final stages of negotiation for the development of an assisted care facility in North Tampa.  Architectural and engineering is currently in process for a 200-bed facility located in North Tampa, Florida.
2. Affordable Housing Projects-Backed By FHA Loans
GLFW is about to announce two projects in final negotiations for “affordable housing”.  One of which is a 40-acre property that has been approved for GLFW to build modular homes.  The company has been able to capitalize on reduced construction and labor costs to build modular homes ranging in size from 1700 - 1900 sq feet & The other is located in South Brandon, Florida. GLFW has been approved to construct affordable townhomes, with mortgages backed by the U.S. government.
3.The McKay Bay Community
GLFW is now in final negotiations for construction of 103 units to be constructed on Mc Kay Bay in South Tampa.  The community is slated to have over 100 town homes ,When the project was originally slated in the fall of 2008, the homes were planned for 3,500 sq feet and priced at $650,000 due to their prime location.  The re-structured plan now slates the units at 2400 sq feet with a retail price of $249,000! This is a prime location and great idea for GLFW to capitalize on such marketable pieces of land and water.
4.The $90M East Lansing Project
Right across the street from Michigan State University GLFW is currently in the final stages of negotiations for development in East Lansing Michigan. The development will include a 90-room hotel, a 240-unit student apartment complex, as well as 60 live/work lofts, all across the street from a major university. They just signed a letter of intent to purchase the site, and
 are in process of final approval on what will become a $90 Million Dollar project when completed. 
Here are their latest developments which is tied to their Assisted Living Facility Project:
GLFW is a company that we feel will continue to grow and become an extremely profitable entity based on excellent management and a clear and creative business plan.

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