Monday, June 14, 2010

Huge Hepatitis C Biotech Pick!

pillenResearch Caleco Pharma Corp (CAEH) immediately, currently just $0.125, this could become the next huge play in the biotech industry!
The global Hepatitis C prescription market is worth an estimated $4 billion and it is expected to grow by a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.8% for the next seven years to reach $8.5 billion by 2016.
Over 200 million persons are infected with chronic Hepatitis C and less than 5% are treated with prescription medications today. There is a huge unmet need in the Hepatitis C market that CAEH is seeking to capitalize on!
CAEH is focused on the ongoing research and development of its pipeline of over-the-counter and prescription medications including its proprietary antiviral and "Liver Health" OTC formulations. In addition, CAEH is developing Dermatological Products based on the active ingredients found in its proprietary formulation. 
Big PharmaCAEH's 'Liver Health Formulation' exhibits strong anti-viral activity in vitro and the company plans to continue pre-clinical work with compounds CPC.12115HP201 and CPC.12115HP202 in 2010, which will involve focusing on developing and testing semi-synthetic derivatives (of CPC.12115HP201) in preparation for entering phase 1 clinical trials in 2011 as well as further compound isolation work on a second isolate of the parent mixture (CPC.12115HP202).
With the anti-viral activity profiles having been demonstrated in two bioassay systems, and considering the observed clinical effects of the parent herbal formulation, CAEH believes continued preclinical development work is warranted.
Consistent with its dual commercialization pathway model, CAEH is actively engaged in development projects to bring the Liver Health Formulation to worldwide markets as a food supplement for the promotion of liver health following additional clinical trials expected to start later this year.
In addition, derivatives of the parent herbal formulation's primary active ingredient Lamiridosin are being considered for oral supplement development targeted at immune system enhancement and as dermatologic products for use in common chronic skin conditions.
The proprietary Lamiridosin-based plant extracts exhibit anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties making them ideal candidates for multiple formulations targeting chronic conditions.
the 3d-rendered colorified molecule of asparagineTo date, CAEH's intellectual property covering the Liver Health Formulation is comprised of patent applications in the United States, Europe and Canada and four European Drug Master File applications.
CAEH's current market cap based on the shares outstanding in their last 10-Q is only $11 million! CAEH could have huge upside potential! Be sure to keep your eyes on this stock this week!

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