Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gleacher & Co. Maintains a 'Buy' on Google (GOOG); Wins Summary Judgment in Viacom/YouTube Case

Gleacher & Co. maintains a 'Buy' on Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), comments on recent events. 

Gleacher analyst says, "Given all the recent negative press that GOOG has received with regards to regulatory/legal issues (Street View scandal, ongoing anti-competitive concerns, China, consumer privacy), we view it as a meaningful positive that GOOG has come out on the winning side of its $1bil YouTube copyright infringement case with Viacom (NYSE: VIA) (NYSE: VIA.B). Only time will tell whether this ruling will "stick" (Viacom plans to appeal) and if so, whether the ruling will have any impact on the broader regulatory/policy approach to online content." 

"On an unrelated note, GOOG announced yesterday (at an event for the Motorola Droid X phone (NYSE: MOT)) that roughly 160k Android devices are shipped daily (up from 100k earlier this year), indicating that GOOG's attempt to build a mobile ecosystem based on Android is succeeding beyond most initial expectations." 

Google Inc. maintains an index of Websites and other online content, and makes this information freely available through its search engine to anyone with an Internet connection.

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