Monday, June 14, 2010

DFTC Alert !!!

DefentectAlert for today is Defentect Group Inc., DFTC, and the stock
closed Friday at 21 cents.

Please begin your research here :

and here

Here are a few facts to get you started.

DFTC is a security software company.

DFTC develops and delivers intelligent communications and messaging
software solutions to facilitate the response to the detection of a

DFTC's flagship product is a software platform called DM3
(Defentect Management, Monitoring and Messaging).

DFTC's DM3 is an intelligent messaging platform which is central to
all of DFTC's solutions. DM3TM enables customers to add sensors of
radiation and other threats to their security systems, controlling
video surveillance cameras to document the location and nature of a
threat. DM3TM is networked and managed over the Web. 

Communication features of DM3TM provide the ability to receive and
process data over a network from the sensor(s) and inform first
responders and administators of the situation and the data which is
needed to respond with full awareness. 

DFTC's has also recently enacted a smartphone initiative.

According to International Data Corporation, a global provider of
market intelligence for a variety of technology segments, the
worldwide SmartPhone market reached a new record level of 54.5
million units shipped in the fourth quarter of 2009, up 39% from
the same quarter of 2008. Vendors shipped a total of 174.2 million
units for the full year in 2009.

DFTC's smartphone initiative has yielded DefenCall, an iPhone
application which links to DM3 and creates a mobile personal safety
device and service. 

login to splinternetDFTC's DefenCall works as a distress signal that is sent to a
network you setup by pressing the panic button on its iPhone app. 
This has many practical uses for families rather than most security
companies which cater only to commercial clients. 

Here is why I like DFTC now.

DFTC has long term support at 17 cents going all the way back to
March. Just below 17 cents is a logical place to put your stop loss

Volume in DFTC has been picking up for three days.

DFTC has been up or even four days in a row.

The last trade on Friday was 21 cents. It only broke through the
20s in the last 10 minutes of the day showing us there were buyers
all day. This is a good sign for Mondays open.

Last time DFTC broke above 20 cents (early May) it went to 30 cents
within three days for a 50% price gain.

I believe this is a great entry price to get into position for the
next big pop on DFTC.

Get ready to book your profits with DFTC.

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