Friday, June 25, 2010

Del Toro Silver (DTOR) is The Dean's Silver Penny Stock!

Del Torro Silver Corp. (OTC: DTOR.PK) is a mining exploration company focused on base and precious metals deposit acquisition, and has never been mentioned by any newsletter, or penny stock resource, before now!
$DTOR owns 50% undivided interest in the 2,391 hectare Dos nationes Project , located in Sonora, Mexico. The Dean's excited about $DTOR's nearly 6,000 acre property because preliminary sampling and testing has returned positive silver concentrations, and the company's follow up work will involve trenching, geological mapping, sampling and additional prospecting.
Why be excited about this silver penny stock?
In the past year, many silver stocks, like $SLW and $SFMI, have received a lot of attention, and have more than doubled. The Dean thinks $DTOR could be next!
Recently, gold prices have soared, and reached new highs---silver has also maintained its worth as a commodity investment. In fact, silver prices have more than doubled in the past two years.
The Dean has done his homework on silver. There's a rising industrial demand for silver and, like gold, silver has been a retreat for weary investors concerned about inflation, which further increases the need for silver as a commodity, as well as the price of silver in general.
Another big reason The Dean thinks $DTOR is a winner is that nobody's ever mentioned this penny stock before! Check for yourself---$DTOR's message boards are quiet and not a soul has Tweeted about this silver penny stock.
Due to its high electrical and thermal conductivity, silver literally has thousands of industrial uses. Of course, silver is a commodity, and a precious metal, used in jewelry and currency. In fact, as a precious metal used for money, silver has no equal in its widespread use, as countries all over the world have utilized it for centuries.
Some uses of silver are commonplace (e.g. coins, bearings) but others may not be familiar with the vast applications of silver (e.g. mirrors, batteries, solar cells, anti-bacterial products).
What's even better news  for $DTOR is that new uses for silver could "quadruple demand from new sectors in the next ten years."
Just this week, Bloomberg reported that silver could "surge to as much as $23 an ounce," or more than 20%, in the next year, which would make for the highest silver prices in 30 years!

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