Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BYOC Alert

new alert is Beyond Commerce Inc., BYOC, and the stock
closed today at at 9.9 cents.

Please begin your research here http://www.beyondcommerce.com/   and here

BYOC is rolling up the internet advertising industry!!

This means BYOC is acquiring other companies in their space and
putting them all under one roof.

The internet advertising industry is perfect for his type of
strategy. There are plenty of high performance internet advertising
companies looking to become a a part of something bigger.

The online advertising market is expected to reach $50 billion in
revenue by 2011 in the US alone. This industry as you know if huge.

So, the question becomes, can BYOC get this done?

BYOC's CEO is Robert J. McNulty. Before BYOC he founded
Shopping.com and then sold to Compaq for $220 MILLION CASH.

Now can you see why I am excited? This guy knows how to get things
done and the price of the stock in the company he runs is under 10
cents a share. What do you think could happen here when the world
finds out about this?

Let us see what he has done for BYOC so far.

At the end of April 2010, BYOC announced it has entered into an
agreement with KaChing KaChing, Inc. BYOC is a significant equity
owner of 10,605,100 shares of KaChing KaChing, symbol KCKC. At
current market prices that is worth $60 million dollars.

In May 2010, BYOC finalized the acquisition of AdJuice, Inc. The
AdJuice network distributes leads to over 350 retail clients along
seven major verticals, all offering top payouts. The Company owns
and manages over 120 Websites fully optimized for brand recognition
and conversion performance, supported by over $7 million in
invested technology.

Also in May, BYOC announced the intent to acquire WebYES!

In 2009 WebYES! did $19.5 million in revenue and was profitable.

In 2010 WebYES! is exceeding last year's revenues in a year-to-date

So you can see that BYOC is starting to get things done. BIG THINGS!

Here is why I like BYOC as a trade.

The cheaper stocks have been doing well as of late.

BYOC closed today at 9.9 cents a share.

BYOC has not traded below 9 cents a share for the last 10 days.

BYOC has a recent high of 16 cents and it looks like it may not
take much to get past that.

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