Thursday, June 24, 2010

AUMY Alert !!!

New alert is Auric Mining Corp., AUMY, and it closed today at 29

Please begin your research here:
AUMY is focused the mining and natural resources projects.

AUMY is developing its properties in the Wawa area of Ontario
This area has a prolific history for gold mining. 
Wawa also has favorable geological formations for diamonds. 

Canada continues to emerge as a dominant player in the world's
diamond production, and now accounts for 15% of the world's supply,
which ranks the country third in the world. Canada's diamond
industry has grown quickly and has become a $1.7 billion industry
with all indicators pointing to the potential for future growth. It
is currently estimated that over 45% of world diamond exploration
is now being conducted in Canada.

AUMY has a number of claims strategically located in this historic
mining district. 

AUMY is planning an extensive exploration program for this summer,
which will include prospecting, sampling, some ground geophysics
and an assaying program to be conducted over a period of
approximately 2 months.

The volume in AUMY has just started to pick up. Something could be
happening here.

When AUMY tells us they are going to have a busy summer what that
means to me is LOTS OF PRESS.

Many times the best time to own an exploration company is when they
begin the process. This is when everyone is full of excitement and
prices can go crazy as people bid up the stock based on what they
think they may find. 

AUMY told us in today's press release that they have extensive
exploration and testing going on this summer. Sounds like it could
be the right time to take a real close look at AUMY.

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