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ECRY: This One Stock Can Double Your Entire Portfolio Before Christmas

Consider buying ECRY shares now for under
$3 and sell soon for a potential $30!

eCrypt Me is Poised toREVOLUTIONIZE
Internet Email Security
And Render Every Competitor’s Product Obsolete Overnight!
Stops hacking, identify theft and cybercrime!
Provides the highest level of email security!
Ends snooping, phishing and spam!
Works with your existing email across all devices!
Automatically meets regulatory requirements!
Dear Fellow Investor:
To understand the revolutionary nature of eCrypt Me and just how BIG this profit opportunity is, you must first imagine the unimaginable…
With eCrypt Me, you can send an email with file attachments from any Internet-connected device you own or borrow – from anywhere in the world – and it’ll be completely protected from governments, advertisers, hackers, and cyber criminals.
No one can possibly read your emails or attached files – across all of your Internet devices – and this amazing system meshes seamlessly with your existing email. And does so at a competition-killing low price!
Before now, this did not exist. And…
Individuals can get this revolutionary service for $8 a month, depending on storage requirements. This is just a fraction of the hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars Symantec charges to provide bullet-proof “email, file storage, and document-sharing” security.
And that’s one reason eCrypt Me is revolutionary. But it’s also revolutionary because it’s…
Brad Lever is eCrypt’s Co-Founder, CEO and Director. He’s a leading business development executive in the field of communications, privacy, information security, and virtual data management. As a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Lever has taken a leading role in bringing awareness of the urgent need for privacy in today’s wireless Internet-driven world.
Gabriel Rosu is eCrypt's Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. He is one of the world’s leading experts in security application development and design, service-oriented architecture, and encryption frameworks. Rosu has been called “a visionary in security software” and has been instrumental in building “impenetrable encryption complexity” into eCrypt’s products.
Kasia Zukowska is eCrypt’s Co-Founder. She is one of North America’s leading information security experts, with vast experience in telecommunications technology. At eCrypt she’s in charge of operations, product testing, and customer support. Kasia is also a leading privacy and human rights advocate and is the host of Privacy Now TV.
Curt Weldon is Chairman of eCrypt’s Board Of Directors. He served 20 years in the U.S. Congress and retired as Vice Chairman of the Armed Services Committee and Vice Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. Mr. Weldon provides national and international consulting services based on his participation on 60 Bi-Partisan Congressional Delegations to over 125 countries.
Honorable Jay Cohen serves as a Director oneCrypt’s Board. He is a retired Rear Admiral, USN and previously served as head of the Homeland Security’s Department of Science and Technology (the division tasked with testing and evaluating US security systems). He was formerly the senior member of the Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board for the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, and was also responsible for transitioning all USN computer systems into the new century.
Dr. Erik Mettala is a Director on eCrypt’s Board. He is a retired U.S Army officer and former Chief Scientist at SPARTA’S National Security Systems. SPARTA provides products and services to the defense, intelligence and Homeland Security sectors of the US federal government for meeting America’s most urgent national security challenges.
Brad “Renderman” Haines serves oneCrypt’s Advisory Board. He is a world renowned white-hat hacker (one of the good guys) and is an expert on computer networks and Internet wireless communications security. He regularly speaks at the Black Hat and DefCon conventions, and he teaches, consults, and writes books on Internet security.
Dr Syung Je Park serves on eCrypt’s Advisory Board. He is an internationally renowned expert on national and military security, and is much sought after for his skill in unraveling security-related crimes. Dr. Park’s specialties include security policy and evaluation for military weapons systems, IT security, and computer network security.
So easy to use, a
7-year-old can do it!
With eCrypt Me (symbol ECRY on the OTCBB), there’s nothing to install, change, configure, learn or maintain.
You’ll use eCrypt Me right along with your existing email account, in the same way you’re used to using it, and you’ll automatically get the highest level of security.
Let me repeat this… No infrastructure is needed. No tech knowledge is required. No hardware or software must be purchased and installed. No IT staff is necessary. Adoption is both instant and easy.
If you know how to use Gmail, HotMail or any other web-based email service, you already know how to use eCrypt Me.
If you can send an email with your existing email account, you can send a totally secure email (with attachments) with eCrypt Me!
There’s nothing like this in the marketplace today. Individuals and businesses will be falling over each other to get at this technology. And that’s why I’m convinced ECRY will make its early shareholders rich!
Hi, my name is Tim Fields, editor of Untapped Wealth, the investment advisory for investors seeking fortune-making profits from little-known companies poised to dominate a mass market or change an industry.
The amazing eCrypt Me is my latest discovery, and I’m especially proud to bring this extraordinary profit opportunity to you before Wall Street and the investing masses get wind of it.
After spending months researching the Internet Security space, I made a startling discovery…
Virtually every existing email security system provides woefully inadequate security… or if it does provide bullet-proof security, it’s so expensive and difficult to use that, in effect, millions of small businesses, professionals, and individuals can’t afford it or won’t use it.
eCrypt Me is the great equalizer, the security enabler to the masses!
The eCrypt Me system fully STOPS “hacking, spying, tracking, cybercrime and identity theft,” and it accomplishes this essential task with zero complexity and very low cost!
And make no mistake -- the need for email security is becoming more urgent by the day, not only for professionals and businesses that must protect sensitive client data, but for individuals who are increasingly at risk for identity theft and financial loss.
Let’s look at the facts…
In 2008, the most recent year for which semi-accurate data is available – cybercrime cost U.S. businesses over $1 trillion. And it’s estimated that up to 60% of all cybercrime goes unreported!
Why’s that? Because businesses do not want the public to know about security breaches, for fear it will lead to a loss of trust, a loss of sales, and a loss of stock value.
Truth be told – cybercrime is the fastest growing industry in the world, and malicious hackers are literally making out like bandits. Consider this
Pro-level hacking is considered a patriotic duty in China, for which the practitioners are well rewarded. They hack trade secrets from foreign corporations and hand them over to Chinese manufacturers who suddenly have a product “almost as good” that they can sell for less.
Also consider that identity theft is occurring at the alarming rate of one every 15 seconds in the United States alone (and growing), and it’s estimated that…
Two-thirds of all identity
thefts have their genesis
in hacked emails
To get an idea of the scope of this problem, Google “How to Hack Email.” You’ll get about 94 million results.
And if you make your search more specific, you’ll get 2 million results for “How to hack Gmail,” 1.5 million results for “How to hack Hotmail,” and a whopping 12 million results for “How to hack Facebook accounts.”
Here’s the enormous problem eCrypt solves:Until now, all email and file storage security systems with the potential to provide “bullet-proof security” were expensive to install, costly to maintain, and difficult to use and share.
That’s why I mentioned Symantec with its PGP email security solution at the outset. This is the current gold standard, but few can afford it, and nobody but tech geeks likes its complexity.
Consider this fact…
To get the highest level of security, companies must spend anywhere from $250k to $10 million for hardware and software, plus hundreds of thousands per year for an IT staff to both maintain the system and train employees to use it (not easy). And then there are large annual fees on top of that.
It’s the same with Symantec’s competitors McAfee, Sophos and AVG. The hardware, software,IT labor, and lost-productivity costs for these systems are notoriously high.
Cost of existing email security systems
Is prohibitive for small business
As an investor, the most important thing to grasp here is that these costs and complexities are prohibitive for professionals, small businesses, and individuals.
But now eCrypt has a simple, low-cost solution!
For the first time in Internet history – eCrypt Memakes the highest level of security available with your existing email account, with incredible simplicity, and at a bargain price!
Is there a practical alternative to eCrypt Me? You’d think so, but NO, there is not! And just ahead, I’m going to show you what the competitors have and how inferior their systems are. Then, you’ll understand why I say…
ECRY shares can skyrocket, once the facts are known and millions of small businesses and individuals rush to adopt this easy-to-use security system that eliminates hacking, phishing, cybercrime, and their associated legal and financial risks.
I’m convinced this could be a 1,000%, 1,500%, even 3,000% profit opportunity. But before we get to that, I want you to know how this company got started, and some of the impressive people involved in it.
Early on, eCrypt founders Brad Lever, Gabriel Rosu, and Kasia Zukowska, all leading industry figures in communications, information security, and privacy figured it this way…
You don’t need to know how your household electricity works to turn on a light switch. So, why should you need to know how encryption works to send an encrypted, totally secure email with attachments.
That was the simple premise and goal. And for good reason – no such system existed. And yet there was—and is-- an overwhelming need for it.
The best, easiest to use, and
least expensive solution
These innovators chose to build an email security system that would not only be the best in the world, but the easiest to use, and--the icing on the cake -- affordable for the masses, too!
They started by designing an app for Blackberry, which was very well received, and also granted the coveted “global mass market” status by the U.S. Government. This allowed it to be exported to all countries not sponsoring terrorism or subject to sanctions.
eCrypt’s Blackberry app, called eCrypt One-On-One, is available in the Blackberry Solutions Catalogue (similar to Apple’s iTunes catalog) for $79.95 per license.
And look at this…
Recently, TIME magazine ran a cover story on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and showed a photo of her using her Blackberry on a plane trip to Tripoli. It was during the Libyan crisis, and she was going there to meet with rebel leaders.
I can’t say this for a fact, but it’s entirely possible Secretary Clinton was using eCrypt One-on-One with her Blackberry for bullet-proof email security during this critical mission.
You see, eCrypt’s founders had been called to Washington for high-level security consultations. I can’t say, and don’t even know, with whom they met or about what they spoke, but as you’ll see just ahead…
Major Washington “homeland security” figures are on eCrypt’s board of directors.
Following the enthusiastic response to eCrypt’s One-On-One Blackberry app, the founders next developed an agnostic product that would work with all Internet devices and all operating systems, meshing seamlessly across any user’s desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers.
And thus eCrypt Me was born, a cloud-based, turnkey, automatic, highest-level security system that piggybacks with your existing email account across all of your devices.
And critically important point for investors to understand…
With eCrypt Me, you don’t have to buy anything, know anything, learn anything, or change anything.
And a second critically important point for investors to understand is that eCrypt Me fulfills…
A huge mass market that is currently
going completely unfulfilled
While billion dollar corporations and the U.S. Government can easily afford highest-level Internet security, small businesses and individuals can’t afford it. Nor can they deal with the complexity of these systems.
This is a HUGE mass market that’s currently going completely unfulfilled, and now eCrypt will fulfill it! And who needs eCrypt Me?
For starters, all persons and businesses that need privacy and security when sending emails, especially with attached documents, photos, X-rays, or any sensitive patient or client data that must be protected for regulatory, legal, ethical, business, or personal reasons.
Of course, many businesses and professionals need to meet privacy regulations already in place, but new ones are coming, particularly in the financial, legal, and medical sectors.
Also remember, we are right now in the midst of converting paper medical records to electronic records (for cost savings and avoiding medical errors). Which means…
Doctors, lawyers, accountants, investment managers, journalists, investigators, inventors, and everyone else who wants to block prying eyes, stop cybercrime, and eliminate legal and financial risks will benefit from eCrypt Me. For the first time, they…
Will have a low-cost, super-easy way to achieve bullet-proof email security!
If you’re a professional looking for an effective and affordable solution, eCrypt Me provides a turnkey highest-level email security in an easy-to-use system that automatically meets legal regulatory requirements.
Now imagine the vast numbers of potential users of eCrypt Me, not just in Canada and the U.S., but around the entire globe. The market is staggeringly huge... the potential, practically unlimited!
Are you beginning to get the BIG picture here? Sure. That’s why I say you can potentially score 15 to 30 times your initial investment, provided you ACT ON ECRY TODAY!
And you won’t be alone. Look at the people behind ECRY
Former U.S. Congressman Curt Weldon, the former Vice Chairman of Armed Services Committee and former Vice Chairman the Homeland Security Committee, serves as Chairman of eCrypt’s Board of Directors.
Retired Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen, the former Head of Homeland Security’s Department of Science and Technology (the division tasked with testing and evaluating US security systems) is a Director on eCrypt’s Board of Directors.
The accomplished Technology Scientist Dr. Erik Mettala, retired U.S Army officer and former Chief Scientist at SPARTA’S National Security Systems. SPARTA provides products and services to the defense, intelligence and Homeland Security sectors of the US federal government. Dr. Mettala is a Director on eCrypt’s Board.
The renowned White-Hat Hacker, Brad “Renderman” Haines -- one of the most skilled and influential members of the global hacking community and a much-sought-after expert on wireless security for governments and blue-chip corporations – is also on eCrypt’s Advisory Board.
Internationally known Internet security expert, Dr. Syung Je Park, is an expert on national and military security, and is renowned for his skill in unraveling security-related crimes. Dr. Park’s specialties include security policy and evaluation for military weapons systems, ITsecurity, and computer network security. He serves on eCrypt’s Advisory Board.
I mention these illustrious figures to underscore that…
eCrypt’s revolutionary cloud-based email security system has been recognized as a world-beating solution to PREVENT espionage, malicious hacking, and cybercrime.
By the way, hacking refers to “computer programming skill.” Hacking in itself is neither good nor bad, but intentions make it so. Simply put, black-hat hackers are the bad guys, and white-hat hackers are the good guys.
Brad “Renderman” Haines speaks annually at the Black Hat and DefCon conventions, teaches and writes books on Internet and wireless security, consults with corporations on security, and has spent an enormous amount of time “mapping non-secure (and thus easily hacked) wireless networks for the “public good.”
Brad “Renderman” Haines worked closely with Lever, Rosu, and Zukowska to ensure theeCrypt Me system would be impenetrable, not only to malicious hackers, but to all second and third parties, including the eCrypt company itself. Dr. Park also provided invaluable service to the company in making its product offerings of interest to the U.S. government.
Now, let me show you how this amazing little company achieved the highest level of email security, while also making it extremely easy for anyone to use and share.
Why eCrypt blows out the competition
First, the company uses a “multi-layered combination of state-of-the-art encryption tools,” and second, its system employs the ultimate “one-way hashing” feature.
For the tech-minded, the company’s combined encryption algorithms include ECC521, AES256, and RSA2048. And the one-way hashing is accomplished with state-of-the-art SHA512, with the connection using accelerated SSL running AES256.
You don’t need to understand any of that, except this – the system is fast, powerful, and bullet-proof!
I do want you to understand the term “one-way hashing” because it largely separates eCrypt Mefrom the inferior offerings of its competitors.
One-way hashing refers to the user having the ability to set and reset his or her password, while any 2nd or 3rd party, including the provider, does NOT have that capability.
One-way hashing is only one – but an essential -- security component because it means there is “no password recovery” by the provider, or any other second or third party. And, as an investor, you should know that any company that offers “password recovery” is NOT secure.
A perfect example is Dropbox, a cloud-based “secure file storage” service that chalked up nearly 50 million users before an embarrassing security breech revealed its system could be hacked.
Over 100 accounts were invaded and compromised, and users discovered that their files stored with this service were NOT safe. As it turned out, Dropbox maintained access to user passwords, which made them vulnerable to hackers (I now expect millions of Dropbox users to switch to eCrypt Me).
By contrast…
eCrypt uses one-way hashing and does not offer password recovery. If you lose or forget your password you will have to start over by setting a new password. Any drafts or files in theeCrypt vault are lost forever, though nothing changes with your regular email account.
You might think that’s inconvenient, but it’s the only way to be absolutely certain that your emails, your files, and any documents you are sharing with other eCrypt Me users are completely safe and secure.
With one-way hashing there is no backdoor; eCrypt itself can’t get your password, and without the password, it can’t get your encryption keys, and without the keys your messages and files remain forever unreadable.
Key investment fact: All of the above is built into the tech design of the eCrypt Me system. And there are vitally important legal implications with that…
The Attorney General, a business competitor, or individual filing a lawsuit cannot compel eCryptto forfeit your password, and thus gain access to your messages and files… because eCryptitself does NOT have your password and can’t get it!
No court can compel a company to do the impossible. And thus you are completely protected. And your associates and clients are completely protected.
Do you see why eCrypt Me (symbol ECRY on the OTCBB) will take the market by storm? Nobody has anything like this! And here’s more good news for ECRY investors
The eCrypt Me system has been “thoroughly evaluated and confirmed legal,” even under the US Patriot Act, by the world’s leading technology law firm, Steptoe and Johnson. And the legal interpretation of the laws make clear that eCrypt cannot be compelled to change its tech architecture for any reason, period!
Fascinating? It sure is. And that’s why I say ACT ON ECRY today. I’m convinced the shares will soon go through the roof. Because it’s apparent to me that…
eCrypt Me will render every competitor’s product obsolete overnight.
No other service offers this unbeatable combination of simplicity, low cost, and bullet-proof security. And for proof, let’s see what the competitors have to offer…
Here’s why eCrypt Me is vastly superior
to the offerings of its competitors
As I run through the list, note how virtually every eCrypt Me competitor falls short with products that are either too expensive, too difficult to adopt, use and share, or are not truly secure, or all of the above.
Enterprise security systems, such as Symantec PGP and competitors Voltage and Entrustare appliances (on servers) that must be integrated into existing infrastructure. The installment and maintenance of these complex and expensive systems are dependent on costly IT departments and are practical only for large businesses.
By contrast…
eCrypt is the IT department for any user, automatically, with no labor burden, complexity, or prohibitive costs.
Other comprehensive business solutions, such as those offered by Crypto Heaven, Zix Corp, andGPG (the public version of PGP) require that software be downloaded and installed on a single machine, which then plugs into a mail client.
This limits the user to that particular machine. There is no integration across all user devices with one email address. And it also makes the user vulnerable to that device, which can be stolen, lost, or compromised.
What’s more, these systems require a certain level of encryption tech aptitude, as they need configuration. And then to add insult to injury, these systems are already deemed “deficient in security” today.
By contrast…
eCrypt Me requires no download or installation on any device, no tech knowledge, and no configuration. Once signed up, you automatically get the highest level of security and full integration across all of your Internet devices with your existing email account.
Some other solutions are delivered as a web-based services, but these require the installation of an applet or plug-in that generates and stores keys on a local machine.
Crypt Heaven and Encryptics use this type of system. But, again, this limits the user to that particular machine and renders him or her vulnerable to that machine. Such systems also require a significant understanding of encryption technology and are not easy to use.
By contrast…
eCrypt Me requires no installation of any applet, nor does the user need to understand encryption. All the heavy tech lifting is done automatically by eCrypt Me. No configuration is necessary and every user gets only the highest level of security.
Some systems require that the user give up his or her identity by adopting a new email address, such as And then to add insult to injury, these systems are not easy to use.
By contrast…
eCrypt Me lets you use your normal email address. No new email address to remember or manage. Within eCrypt Me, your emails and attachments, using your normal address, are totally secure. It couldn’t be easier.
Some web-based services, such as Hushmail, Lockbin, and S-mail do NOT protect the user from the provider. Even when these providers use a type of one-way hashing, they still store keys in plain text, or use a weak version of hashing that’s vulnerable to hackers.
By contrast…
eCrypt Me and no second or third party has access to the user’s password, encryption keys, or plain-text messages. And thus no privacy invasion or security breech is possible. And that’s by tech design, which also protects users and their clients by law.
Exciting? You bet! eCrypt Me is revolutionary – there’s nothing like it on the market today – virtually nothing that makes the urgent need for email security so easy and so inexpensive, while providing the highest level of security and meeting regulatory requirements!
Ready to get your ECRY shares? I’m sure you are, but there’s one more thing you should know…
Consider one of the most important advantages eCrypt enjoys, and it’s something its competitors either have not taken seriously or, more likely, are incapable of achieving. Here it is…
Even if you can use a difficult system, you
won’t convince others to use it
While skilled tech geeks can learn encryption technology, and then adopt and configure a complex system, the average person cannot.
Let’s not forget that communication is a two-way street. Sure, one tech geek can get another tech geek to participate, but he or she won’t get a wider email audience to learn and adopt a difficult system.
By contrast…
Anyone can sign up and use eCrypt Me within minutes, and the totally secure email interface will look familiar and work the same. Nobody has to learn anything, change anything, or add any complexity to his or her life.
This point cannot be overestimated…
The most difficult thing about any new technology is to get people to adopt it. And there is “no adoption barrier” with eCrypt Me because it piggybacks with any existing email program, works with it, and works the same way.
To start using eCrypt Me all you do is fill out a short subscription form (name and email address), set a password, and then activate the account by clicking on a confirmation link.
Secure emails show up in your regular email inbox, and you access them by clicking a link and entering your password. It’s the same for those to whom you send secure email communications.
The result is the elimination of malicious hackers, cyber criminals, snooping governments, annoying advertisers, dangerous competitors, and most important -- legal and financial risks. That’s why I believe...
Early ECRY shareholders will make their fortunes!
Even people who don’t know they need a much higher level of email security today, will know it soon, as the cybercrime growth rate accelerates, and identity theft and financial loss become more widespread.
People will soon get FED UP with advertiser snooping and tracking, too! Privacy invasion is a topic frequently in the news today. And people don’t like it!
Now, look here…
With financing, the company’s products will be fully launched within the next few months, including an app for iPhone similar to the one offered for Blackberry users, as well as the agnostic blockbuster -- eCrypt Me -- which can be used on all Internet devices and operating systems.
Conservatively speaking, the company expects to be profitable in Year 3, with revenues hitting $1.2 billion in Year 4, and then jumping to $9.3 billion in Year 5, with a GPM of 24% that delivers $2.2 billion profit.
But… as the startup costs are absorbed, the gross profit margin will rise and potentially reach 35% to 40%. By legal necessity, the company must be conservative in its projections, but I believe…
eCrypt Me will grow rapidly because
it fills a great unmet need
And here’s the proof of that…
The eCrypt management team hired the prestigious market research firm, Vision Critical, to assess the desirability of – and demand for – the company’s products, as well as to help them develop the most effective marketing strategy…
Vision Critical itself was surprised to report that their research resulted in the highest score on “interest and need for eCrypt solutions” ever achieved by any company it has served.
That’s right, the highest “interest and need” score ever attained!
So, it won’t surprise me to see $10 billion in sales in year 4 with $3 billion in profits. And it also won’t surprise me to see ECRY shares at $15 to $30 long before that, simply based on forward earnings potential.
Hurry, you must act on ECRY today!
One caveat: Because eCrypt Me renders every competitive product obsolete overnight, we must be prepared for the possibility of a buyout.
Any of the big Internet security firms would be obvious suitors, but don’t underestimate that Microsoft, Apple, Google, and even FaceBook could make a surprise move and grab this company.
Facebook and Google, in particular, are coming under increasing pressure because of deceptive privacy tactics, and one of them may decide to take the lead in protecting their customers privacy (for a fee, of course).
If they don’t, they’ll risk losing customers in droves, most likely to an upstart who recognizes this great consumer desire and need.
In the case of a buyout, we probably won’t make the 15 to 30 multiple that would turn a small $5,000 investment today into $150,000 tomorrow.
That’s because the buyout could come in the first half of next year. But even if eCrypt is acquired at $9 or $10, and we score a 1,000% profit, who’s going to complain?
And that’s why I urge you to consider accumulating ECRY shares under $3 now. I’m convinced this bargain-of-the-decade share price won’t last for long, so you must ACT NOW! Shares are trading on the over-the-counter bulletin board market (OTCBB).

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