Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NGMC up 86% Still a strong buy

  NGMC was up as high as 100% and closed up 86% today!  This comes after we alerted you this weekend of their big 55 million acquisition!

Congratulations if you got in it early becasue we think it still can go much higher.  NGMC is known for making many acquisitions and with a higher stock price they will now have more capital to do it with.

With the USA's credit downgrade investors are looking for safer places to keep their money than cash.  Oil is at highs but natural gas is at a low compared to its price several years ago.  Now investors are looking for a more stable investment like natrual gas and the companies that extract it like NGMC.  This is one of the reasons why we stll think NGMC still has a long way up to go!

Below are seven more reasons we think NGMC could go much higher
Next Generation Energy Enters into an Agreement to Acquire Rights to 7,715 Acres In the prolific Devonian Shale region of Southeastern Kentucky.
Up to 82 wells could be drilled in this oil-rich area, which could generate over $55 million gross revenues.

Seven Reasons Why Next Generation Energy Could
Generate HUGE Profits For Early Investors
Next Generation Energy Corporation (OTCQB: NGMC) -- an exploration-stage natural resource development company with projects in the most energy-rich areas of the U.S., and with the potential for rapid growth and soaring share prices in the coming months and years.
Reason #1: Low Overhead Costs. Once NGMC acquires properties, they outsource all exploration, upgrades, drilling, and mining operations through leases with well- known, environmentally-conscious operators.
Next Generation Energy's business model is designed to generate consistent and predictable revenue streams without high development costs. Plus, by aligning itself with well-established companies in the energy development business, NGMC gains access to advanced technologies that could further boost profit potential and ramp up production levels. That’s a winning business model!
Further, royalty cash from current, producing properties can be reinvested back to acquire additional properties – keeping the cycle of profits going and building to ever-higher levels. Add in likely big increases in oil and gas prices in the near future, and you see why I say NGMC has explosive profit potential.
Reason #2: Low-Risk/ High-Reward Profile - NGMC is only acquiring U.S.-based assets in areas of proven reserves, and thereby eliminates the risk of exploration and development costs of costly and dangerous foreign development projects.
Reason #3: Geographic Focus on the Richest U.S. Energy-Producing Areas. An estimated 30 Billion barrels of oil reserves remain along the Permian Basin, one of NGMC's areas of focus. With its low-risk, high-reward business model, experienced natural resource partnerships and internal leadership team, NGMC represents an exciting ground floor opportunity for investors. 
  Reason #4: NGMC Already Has Cash-Generating Royalty Interest Assets Unlike most exploration-stage development companies, NGMC already has a royalty interest in oil and gas producing properties along the energy-rich Permian Basin. One property is producing approximately 1,000 barrels of oil and 660 MCF of natural gas per month.

Next Generation has also just entered into an agreement to purchase 7,715 acres of natural gas and oil rights in the prolific Devonian Shale region of Southeastern Kentucky. Oil and gas are recoverable from these tracts at shallow depths (between 2,000 and 2,500 feet), significantly reducing drilling costs.

Up to 82 wells could be drilled in this oil-rich area, which could generate over $55 million in gross revenues.

The state of Kentucky is also very friendly to energy development and offers a variety of rich geological support resources through the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Geological Survey.
  Reason #5 More Wells in Production - In April 2011, NGMC closed on its acquisition of 100% of the membership interests of Knox Gas, LLC, which owns interests in 10 drilled and completed gas wells in Knox County, Kentucky. Several of these wells are expected to move into production this year.

Reason #6 Blue Chip Alliances - Gas and oil being produced from one of the wells NGMC owns a royalty interest in the Permian Basin is being marketed through Sunoco, Inc. (R&M), a subsidiary of Sunoco, Inc., one of the world’s great oil companies.

Reason #7 Ground floor opportunityNGMC is establishing streams of high-quality royalty income and plans to dramatically increasing its gas-producing properties to create substantial returns for its shareholders over the next several years. With shares at just $0.23, NGMC is a true, ground-floor opportunity.
Business:Oil and Gas Royalty Acquisition
Recent Price:$0.23
52-Week Range:$0.10-1.00
45 day Avg Volume:24,670
Public Float:1.8 Million
Shares Outstanding:11.4 Million
Market Cap:$4.5 Million


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