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A ground floor start with Legend Oil & Gas (OTCBB: LOGL) could get you there and become the buy of a lifetime.

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It's Time to Beat Wall Street to the Pay Zone!
Position Yourself Now
for 3,000%+ Profits on a Little Known Junior with 3,840 Acres in the Red-Hot Bakken* Oil Field
*The largest continuous oilfield ever evaluated by the U.S. Geological Survey
The secret fueling this company
could propel its stock to $60!
Divide County is reported to host 169 billion barrels of oil in place…
At least one neighboring well produces $94,500 a day in oil…
North Dakota is challenging Texas to be the #1 oil producing state in America…
The Bakken stocks researched for this report have already paid investor profits averaging 1,371%!
You read that right. Stocks of companies discovered working the Bakken are skyrocketing. In this Special Report, you will learn about eleven stocks in this giant American oilfield that already earned investors 285% to 3,741% share price gains!
LOGL could be next on this stellar list…
Its foothold in the Bakken is set to make shareholders a fortune!
North Dakota oil
production is booming!
LOGL is just getting started here!
Action Alert!
Top Pick in Oil:
Legend Oil & Gas 
Buy Range: $2 to $3 
1st Target: $10.50
Long-term: Ten-bagger+
Oil is one of the surest plays you can make in today’s
market and the Bakken is
the one place to be.
To the Profit-Seeking Investor:
Of all the places in America today that you can go digging for wealth, none compare to the record-shattering profits you can find in the Bakken Shale Oil Field.
Investors are making a killing in the Bakken and the numbers will blow you away.
Since 2009, the Bakken has produced more triple-digit and quadruple-digit stock buys than any place I’ve seen in my career.
I charted 18 different stocks from the Bakken and the results were stunning:
  • Eleven stocks at least tripled in value…
  • Four gained over 1,000%...
  • And three of those gained over 2,000%!
Are you ready for these kind of profits?
A ground floor start with Legend Oil & Gas (OTCBB: LOGL) could get you there and become the buy of a lifetime.
Be thankful this report got to you in time to consider LOGL as your next big stock buy. In the short-term, an LOGL payout could triple your money, but don’t grab your profits too soon…
…if you hang on for the long haul (no more than two years), you could be cashing out LOGL at 30-times your entry-level investment!
Forget oil sands. The Bakken holds the light sweet crudethat commands the highest prices in the market!
Production cost per barrel
can be as low as $16!
Oil production here is skyrocketing as new exploration taps an oil field so large, it dwarves Saudi Arabia’s largest!
If you get in on a junior
entry to the Bakken, it could one day be worth billions…and LOGL is my top pick for a shot at that kind of wealth.
Legend Oil and Gas (LOGL) is setting stakes in the largest American oil discovery made in history. For early investors, its stock could make millions as it taps into this massive ocean of oil and gas.
If you’re an energy investor and you’re not positioned in the Bakken formation, then you should consider a move on LOGL immediately!
How is this possible? The track record shows clearly.
LOGL benefits from the incredible profit multiplying
power of a rising junior
in the Bakken.
This area is so hot… eleven Bakken stocks I researched for this report already posted triple and quadruple digit gains for shareholders!
Ground floor investors made out like bandits.
The low end in the profit-taking was 295% and at the high end… over 3,400%!
Profit like this is a dream come true and with so much of it coming from just one place… at least one stock in the Bakken should be in your portfolio right now!
My top pick:
Legend Oil & Gas (LOGL)
A ground floor start that could yield breathtaking gains.
News of the Bakken broke a few years ago putting many great buys in the record books. But don’t think that this party is over just yet. There is stilll opportunity to be found and Legend Oil & Gas shows it.
Move on LOGL today and you could soon be selling for 10-, 20-, even 30-times your money, like many others who cashed in big from previous Bakken oil stock buys.
I would not wait long to make your decision.
The Bakken is too hot of an area for LOGL
to continue unnoticed. If you get in first, you
could make a bundle off late comers!
In a moment, I’ll provide more details about how quickly a Bakken stock can pile up triple- and quadruple-digit profits.
First, a field trip is in order.
The Bakken Shale Oil Field is a 200,000 square mile oil and gas deposit that begins in the northwest regions of North Dakota and spreads further west and north into Montana and Canada.
First discovered in 1951, Bakken oil was thought to be unrecovereable because the oil was locked in tight shale formations.
That all changed just a few years ago. Enhanced oil recovery technology pioneered by natural gas drilling in tight formations like the Barnett Shale was applied to oil drilling in Bakken Shale.
You’ve probably heard about horizontal drilling, fracking, and other enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques. Those techniques are cracking the Bakken wide open and the results have been spectacular.
Wells that might once have produced just a few barrels of oil a day can now be stimulated to produce hundreds, even thousands of barrels of oil.
North Dakota’s Divide County, where Legend Oil & Gas set stakes, achieved stunning production results
in the last 12 months. Though largely undeveloped at this point, Divide County already holds the fifth highest
resource in the state. With further exploration and development, Divide County could rapidly climb to the top
spot. This is the ideal location for moving in early on an undiscovered junior like Legend Oil & Gas.
Divide County is already known to host 17.7 billion barrels of oil in place, fifth highest in the state. With further exploration and development, Divide County could challenge the current top producers in Bakken.
VONA #1-13H
MUIR #1-7H
Evenson 1-19H
Tangsrud 2-1H
921 Barrels initial production
857 Barrels initial production
671 Barrels initial production
1,426 Barrels oil equiv. per day
1,023 Barrels oil equiv. per day
Horizontal drilling and enhanced recovery techniques conquered the Bakken formation. In April 2006, EOG drilled a horizontal well in western North Dakota just north of Parshall. The well came online a month later at 1,883 barrels. Unlike the older vertical wells, it's still going. In March, 2011, it produced 2,305 barrels. Source: Bloomberg
These drilling and production techniques proved so effective that reserve estimates for the entire Bakken formation have skyrocketed. In 2008, the U.S. Geological Survey issued a groundbreaking report that set off the biggest American oil boom in decades…
“Unlike the tar from Canada's oil sands, Bakken crude needs little refining. Swirl some of it in a Mason jar and it leaves a thin, honey-colored film along the sides. It's light - -almost like gasoline -- and sweet, meaning it's low in sulfur.”
The 2008 Bakken Breakout!
U.S. Geological Survey increases Bakken reserve estimates 25-fold!
Petroleum experts knew that there was enormous reserve potential in the Bakken. But it wasn’t until November 2008, when the USGS released “Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources”, (an updated report for the Williston Basin - home of the Bakken) that the size of this deposit hit mainstream media.
That USGS report increased “official” Bakken reserve estimates 25-fold, triggering an oil boom unlike any seen in decades.
Today, the USGS report is woefully behind the times.
Some say the Bakken holds 200 billion barrels, others
say over 500 billion barrels! Does it even matter?
As more and more exploration unfolds, estimates of the Bakken resource figures just keep climbing.
Conservative figures now put the Bakken formation at 200 billion barrels. But many believe that’s the tip of the iceberg.
I’ve seen reports that this massive oilfield holds 513 billion barrels of oil; some experts insist there is even more oil yet to be discovered once the geology of this region is fully understood!
Here’s where it gets complicated… but it’s worth knowing.
The “second” oilfield that could soon be worth billions!
The Bakken formation is a distinct zone of oil that lies a few thousand feet below the surface in the Williston Basin. It’s like the center layer of icing in a birthday cake, thin, but widely spread.
The wild card here is a second formation known as the Three Forks play.
Some geologists believe that Three Forks is entirely separate from the Bakken. If they’re right, current reserve figures for the Bakken could be a fraction of what actually lies in the ground.
One huge reservoir on
top of another!
The three forks area is located in North Dakota below the upper Bakken Shale zone and could potentially be a completely separate new oil reservoir. This would open up a whole new pay zone in the Bakken Shale, which could add significant oil reserves to the region.
The Three Forks wild card is more than just icing… it elevates Legend Oil & Gas to a whole new level of profit potential.
Petroleum companies, particularly juniors, are routinely tight-lipped about their prospects.
But Legend Oil & Gas may have tipped their hands and let it be known that they’re going after a lot more than just the Bakken. They want Three Forks too!
From the Legend company website we learn that:
“The underlying Three Forks shale has now been identified as a separate but equally viable target horizon, thereby adding tremendous reserve potential to an already attractive play.”
“We have the Bakken, now let’s double it up with Three Forks!”
Obviously, I’m taking some literary license with my interpretation, but one fact stands out.
Legend management believes there are two distinct oil formations under their land that could dramatically increase the value of the reserve potential it holds.
When that breaks, LOGL stock could go ballistic.
If they’re right, and the evidence is piling up that they are… buying LOGL shares now could be like moving in on the Bakken ground floor in 2008!
I’m not guaranteeing anything here… but a few thousand dollars in LOGL today could one day pay off your mortgage. A bolder move could have you set for life.
The security of a known resource coupled
with opportunity for major new discovery
North Dakota Bakken may double production in 10 years
Oil & Gas Financial Journal
Government officials in North Dakota said Jan. 2 [2011] that state's oil fields may contain twice the amount of oil previously estimated and that the state's crude oil production will double within the decade. If the estimate is correct, North Dakota, currently the fourth-largest oil-producing state in the US, will jump to second place behind Texas.
At that rate, North Dakota would surpass California and Alaska based on current production levels in those states. North Dakota, which has about 5,300 producing wells, now accounts for about 6% of total US crude oil production. Roughly 2,000 of those wells have been drilled in the last three years, mainly in the Bakken Shale and Three Forks plays.
In my view, it doesn’t get any better than this. LOGL locked onto a sweet spot in a massive opportunity zone that could hold vastly more oil and gas than anyone currently imagines.
No matter where the final reserve figure lands though, one fact has already been been made abundantly clear by the U.S. Geological Survey…
the Bakken is the largest continuous oilfield ever found in America.
It may only get bigger… a lot bigger!
LOGL raises the red, white and blue… 
There could be enough oil here to replace every drop of oil OPEC
ships us for years to come.
To put the Bakken size in perspective… Saudi Arabia reports it has about 260 billion barrels in reserves. But that figure is proving to be nonsense.
Recent confidential documents leaked through WikiLeaks discloses that the Saudis have been overstating their reserves for years. At present, Saudi reserves are most likely in the 156 million barrel range.
Other OPEC nations are suspected to have similarly inflated reserve figures.
With current estimates in the Bakken as high as 500 billion barrels, plus new discoveries that could soon be added, including the Three Forks wildcard, the total potential recoverable reserves puts Legend Oil & Gas in the center of what could one day become the world’s best oil and gas producing region.
Stocks in the top Bakken producers have more than doubled since the updated USGS resource report was published in 2008.
Marathon (MRO) $22.31 to $53.84
Hess (HES) $38.49 to $85.00
Chesapeake (CHK) $11.32 to $35.37
Continental (CLR) $13.54 to $71.47
EOG (EOG) $50.00 to $118.39
Whiting (WLL) $10.06 to $74.26
Encore (ENP) $8.75 to $24.21
If you think these numbers are good, wait until you see later in this report how the smaller companies performed!
Burlington, which is a subsidiary of Conoco Phillips (COP) was not included in these growth figures because it does not sell as a separate entity in the market. Data are lows to highs from late 2008 through April 2011.
The Bakken could be America’s next Saudi Arabia and the way I see it, every dollar you put into a Bakken energy play today could one day be worth $10 to $30 or more!
Don’t think for a moment that this is idle speculation.
Wall Street is all over it.
Investors are making a killing
off companies exploring and producing from the Bakken.
The money being made here is unbelievable. If a stock brings in 300% to 400% profit… then you find it at the bottom of the winners list.
Many are bringing in five to ten times that kind of profit! The big boys are going crazy buying up prospects in the Bakken. Juniors are skyrocketing in value and production is soaring.
Even the majors have made spectacular gains here…
The eight largest producers in the Bakken have tapped just a fraction of the Bakken’s total production potential.
Marathon, Hess, Chesapeake, Continental, EOG, Burlington, Whiting, Encore… recent data show these companies produced an astonishing 42.5 million barrels of oil from only 1,541 wells!
That’s 27,580 barrels per well!
But here’s a number that will really blow you away.
Assuming a typical 1,280-acre well spacing for horizontal wells… the Bakken may theoretically support as many as 100,000 wells!
I can’t begin to speculate how much oil that many wells would produce. However, if you multiply the production average above by 100,000… that comes out to about 275 billion barrels… well above the figure that the Saudis have.
I admit, I’m playing games with numbers here, but this is important.
With more than 200,000 square miles to cover… the big producers can’t be everywhere at once!
As I’ve reported above, Legend Oil & Gas staked a foothold in Divide County, North Dakota, the center of the Bakken. What I haven’t yet reported is how development of the Bakken field is migrating into the Divide County region… straight for LOGL!
This natural migration of development is what gives you a ground floor shot into the next round of Bakken profit-making!
As you can see from the map to the right, Bakken oil production in North Dakota got started in the southern region of the formation. That production began in earnest approximately three years ago.
With 200,000 square miles to cover, only a fraction of the Bakken could be opened to immediate production.
Production tends to concentrate where equipment, manpower and delivery infrastructure is abundant… so many areas of the Bakken remain up for grabs!
The majors cannot be in all places at all times (especially across such an enormous area), so fast moving juniors get to new fields first…
…and when they do, the impact on share prices can be staggering.
That’s the advantage Legend Oil & Gas has in its plans for the Bakken.
There simply aren’t enough landmen to go around.
A fast-moving junior like Legend Oil & Gas can find plenty of opportunities to lock up prime Bakken locations… and Legend Oil & Gas is making its moves now.
This is why I like Legend
Oil & Gas and why why you should be looking hard at its stock (LOGL) right now.
At $2 to $3, an early start in LOGL puts you in position for lightning fast returns on your money.
In a high profile area like the Bakken, an initial run could send LOGL soaring 300% to 500% in a matter of just weeks.
That’s why I’m setting my initial buy range on LOGL between $2 and $3 a share.
If that seems high for an entry-level buy, you’d be right if it were anywhere else but the Bakken.
But don’t let that slow you down. LOGL has enormous upside potential.
In the next section, you’ll read about one Bakken stock that started at $4.06 and soared 1,178% to nearly $48 a share!
Another that flew past $32 from a $2.22 start for a total gain of 1,472%!
In other words, don’t sit on LOGL waiting for a big price dip.
Over the last month, LOGL has been trading good volume in a tight range around $1.50 to $2.00 per share. That may not last much longer.
On April 15, LOGL broke a key level of resistance at $2.00 and I see no indication of retracement.
If you do catch a price dip on some profit-taking, load up aggressively! If you don’t, I strongly recommend an immediate LOGL buy up to $3.00 a share.
Remember, you don’t have to buy in at 25¢ to make a fortune from Bakken stocks!
286% to 3,380% profits from Bakken oilfield stocks!
What follows are charts taken from eleven different companies in the Bakken whose stocks averaged 1,371% gains in the last two years. These companies range in size from small to large, but they all have one thing in common, a significant presence in the Bakken.
Historical data like this clearly shows the stunning profits LOGL could produce for its shareholders. My advice: Consider LOGL as an immediate buy and hang on for the ride!
In all my years, I have never seen a concentration of triple and quadruple digit winners like this.
As you read these results, remember: every one of these companies holds a position in the Bakken!
Starting with just $1,000…
In March, 2009, investors in a liittle-known company called Mangum Resources were trading shares at 25¢. Exactly two years later, their shares traded at $8.56.
For those lucky enough to have gotten in early, the value of Mangum shares soared 3,380% in just 24 months!
…Mangum paid $32,800 profit!
A fluke? Not by a long shot. Mangum is just the first in a string of big winners from the Bakken.
The following companies (American and Canadian exchanges) also knocked it out of the park. Like the preceding example, profit calculations are made for a $1,000 initial stock buy from each stock’s low to subsequent high and by subtracting the initial investment from the high valuation.
March, 2009, Rosetta Resources traded $4.06. By April this year, it traded at $47.82 for a gain of 1,178%
…Rosetta paid $10,780 profit!
99% Success Rate
The Bakken is so rich with oil and gas, one Bakken billionaire reports 99% of his oil wells hit oil and nine out of ten of those go on to make profits.
If you’re familiar with oil patch figures, you know these numbers are almost unheard of.
The conclusion is obvious: If you drill in the Bakken, you’re all but certain to hit oil. It’s as close as you can get to a sure thing.
May, 2009, Primary Petroleum traded for just 4¢. By the the end of last year, they traded at 92¢ for a gain of 2,330%
…Primary paid $22,300 profit!
March 2009, Northern Oil and Gas traded at $2.22. By March 2011 it was at $32.69 for a gain of 1,472%
…Northern paid $13,720 profit!
January, 2009, Abraxas Petroleum traded at 65¢. By the end of February this year, it traded at $5.87 for a gain of 903%
…Abraxas paid $8,030 profit!
May, 2010, Argosy Petroleum also traded at 65¢. Less than a year later, it traded at $3.40 for a gain of 523%
…Argosy paid $4,230 profit!
January 2009, Wild Stream Exploration traded at $4.34. By April, 2011, shares had risen to $12.41 for a gain of 286%
…Wild Stream paid $1,860 profit!
August, 2007, TriStar Energy traded at $3.90. This April, it closed at $16.73 for a gain of 385%
…TriStar paid $2,850 profit!
March 2009, Whiting Petroleum traded at $10.06. By April 2011, it was selling at $74.26 for a gain of 738%
…Whiting paid $6,738 profit!
December 2008, Continental Resources sold for $13.54. This April, its price was up to $71.95 for again of 531%
…Continental paid $4,310 profit!
March, 2009, Brigham Exploration sold for $1.14. This April it traded at $37.15 for a gain of 3,359%
…Brigham paid $32,590 profit!
Eleven stocks, all in the Bakken, with an
AVERAGE overall gain of 1,371%
Can you see now why I am so excited to have found Legend Oil & Gas? Any LOGL buy you decide to make between $2 and $3 a share could soon multiply your shares more than ten-fold!
This profit potential is at your fingertips… just waiting for you to go online or call your broker!
It’s time to beat Wall Street to the pay zone.
This is the most exciting stock I’ve discovered in years. It’s guided by a crack management team, existing oil production… and what I interpret as a driving passion to make its shareholders rich.
I like that in a young company.
Let me recap:
Legend has a foothold in the heart of the Bakken, in a development zone that is yet to be overrun by majors…
The company’s cash flow from existing Eastern Kansas oil production will keep it running during the exploration phase, bills will be paid and payroll met…
The president of the company has a sound strategy for aggressively pursuing Bakken growth opportunities, with the resources and connections to pull it off…
He’s a Bakken-savvy heavyweight with a winning track record and an enthusiastic investor following that already sent one junior he piloted to 1,347% gains in just three months…
This is the best buy-and-hold stock I’ve seen in years… LOGL could explode as one of the last remaining juniors available to early investors in the Bakken!
Legend Oil & Gas (LOGL), my top pick in oil juniors
and if I knew of another one like it in the Bakken…
I’d be recommending it too!
Here’s what you should do now:
As long as Wall Street doesn’t beat you to it, LOGL is a solid buy with quick potential for 350% gains this year.
I believe you have to move fast. The Bakken is already on the Street’s radar… the breakout for LOGL could come at any time.
From 350% to over 3,000% gains…
Don’t find yourself on the sidelines.
Make your LOGL buy right now. Pay particular attention to its longer-term potential.
Should LOGL gain traction on Wall Street like its Bakken neighbors have… your LOGL shares could one day be worth more than 30-times what you pay for them today!
Hang on tight, this could be a great ride!
The Bakken is breeding ground for the next generation of oil and gas giants. Discovering a young company like Legend Oil & Gas in the middle of the Bakken could be the find of a lifetime!
With its current foothold, existing production and Bakken-savvy management, LOGL shares could leap off the charts and reward early investors handsomely!

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